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The New Product Launch of Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk #FeelTheJoyya

Ultra Canadian and ultra good for you — Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk splashes into Canada!

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Here's how we made news for the launch of made-in-Canada JOYYA Ultrafiltered Milk and challenged the status quo!

Top Canadian PR Firm, Strategic Objectives helped Saputo disrupt Canada's dairy category with the introduction of its new, proudly made-in-Canada JOYYA Ultrafiltered Milk, the next step in the superfood movement. JOYYA, a premium milk experience, was one of the first of its kind to hit Canada's dairy aisle.


#FeelTheJOYYA with Saputo’s Fresh Innovation

To launch and position new JOYYA Ultrafiltered Milk as Canada's #1 protein-rich milk, we conceived an integrated PR program to educate consumers on JOYYA's category-shaking benefits, build brand awareness, and drive product trial. Our mission was to make meaningful news with mainstream and social media influencers that would reach our target consumer and exceed industry standards of success.

The Challenge

Challenge milk's long-standing status quo

To introduce JOYYA Ultrafiltered Milk to the already saturated Canadian dairy aisle, we focused on its key benefits, knowing that 91 per cent of Canadians prefer made-in-Canada milk. JOYYA, which is 100% made-in-Canada also serves up to 16g of protein per 250ml serving and 25 per cent less lactose (sugar) than regular milk.


  1. Build a foundation for JOYYA to become a household ‘milk’ brand in Canada
  2. Drive national brand awareness and new product trial
  3. Generate authentic excitement, buzz and positive conversations amongst mainstream and social media influencers and their communities

The Solution

Helping Canadians #FeelTheJOYYA

We created a fully integrated PR strategy that leveraged Canadian media, social influencers, and consumer sampling to successfully generate excitement for the launch, and used the following tactics to introduce JOYYA to the hearts and minds of Canadians.

Mainstream Media Relations

Milk Mania Survey

We conducted a national Milk Mania Survey to see how Canadians were feeling about milk at the time, and to show how JOYYA is the answer to consumers' evolving preferences and needs; and created an eye-catching infographic with the results.

National News Release Distribution with Infographic

To educate the media and position JOYYA as the new made-in-Canada superfood, we wrote and distributed a national news release to Tier A print, electronic and digital journalists announcing our survey results and the launch of JOYYA in Canada.

Media & Influencer Mailers

To build buzz and get JOYYA into the hands of key tastemakers and influencers we distributed unique social media mailers to top foodies, writers and trendsetters. Our delicious milk and cookies themed care packages included all the essentials to stay warm and cozy at home. A modern twist on tradition to make recipients #FeelTheJOYYA.

Broadcast Ambassadors

To generate mass awareness across Canada, we partnered with six respected TV food and lifestyle journalists in priority JOYYA markets to produce branded broadcast segments.

Influencer Marketing

To position JOYYA as the solution to Canada’s milk needs, we partnered with 12 notable food and lifestyle social media influencers to create relatable, memorable content to encourage their followers to make a healthy lifestyle choice and #FeelTheJOYYA.

This branded content ranged from key message-driven blog posts to original high-res photography, Instagram posts, carousels, and stories to introduce JOYYA Ultrafiltered Milk to their engaged, and organic audiences.

Holiday Consumer Sampling Activation

JOYYA Holiday Milk Bar

The holidays are the most joyous time of the year, filled with fabulous food and traditions that make it difficult for health-conscious Canadians to make good choices. Enter JOYYA. We created a unique and exciting holiday experiential sampling activation, the JOYYA Holiday Milk Bar, at Vancouver's famed Christmas Market to help consumers discover and #FeelTheJOYYA just in time for the holidays.

The Result

#FeelTheJOYYA Campaign Results


media impressions


Media Posts


consumer interactions

What exciting new product launch do you have on the go? We'd love to help you craft an innovative strategy to cut through the clutter, make news and drive actionable consumer buy-in. Please contact us here.

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