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ZYUS Life Sciences Increases National Access to Patient Care Through Strategic Partnership with HelloMD

Telehealth alliance with HelloMD increases patient access to cannabinoid formulations, providing quick and convenient access to consultations with licensed healthcare practitioners.


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ZYUS Life Sciences Inc. ("ZYUS"), a Canadian life sciences company leading scientific research and development in phyto-therapeutics, announced today that it has partnered with recognized telehealth provider, HelloMD, to help prospective patients access independent medical advice. This is an important step to providing Canadians access to ZYUS’ first generation cannabinoid-based formulations. Patients can schedule a free online consultation with a HelloMD licensed healthcare practitioner (HCP) by visiting www.zyus.ca.

A Commitment to Good Health

HelloMD is a leading virtual healthcare platform for medical services in Canada, offering patients confidential medical advice from registered HCPs through a video-enabled computer or smartphone. The free service is available in English and French, with consultations lasting up to 30 minutes. Patients can speak to HelloMD’s HCPs about their medical history, be educated, and authorized to purchase medical cannabinoid formulations, if the HelloMD’s HPC determines it is the right approach for the individual.

“We are proud to launch this strategic relationship with HelloMD to continue to offer the highest standard of compassionate care to patients and to increase access to healthcare practitioners that are educated about cannabinoid-based formulations and the transformational impact they can have on patient outcomes,” said Brent Zettl, ZYUS CEO. “In our current climate, Canadians need to be cautious about leaving their homes, but that doesn’t mean they have to compromise on living life with difficult symptoms, such as chronic pain. We are excited to increase patient access through telehealth and to welcome prospective patients to ZYUS.”

“HelloMD’s unique platform has helped over thousands of patients gain access to qualified and educated medical advice, from the comfort of their own homes, to determine whether cannabinoids may an option for them,” said Larry Lisser, Chief Executive Officer of HelloMD. “With ZYUS’ team’s strong reputation in the industry and their recent launch direct to patient sales in Canada, this alliance offers the ideal opportunity to introduce more qualified patients to the benefits of medical cannabis.”

Connecting with a Healthcare Practitioner

Patients looking to schedule a free online consultation with a HelloMD licensed healthcare practitioner can follow this simple process:

  1. Visit www.ZYUS.ca and click on the “Schedule a Free Consultation” button on the homepage, which will then take patients to the HelloMD portal.
  2. Enter patient information to build an online profile.
  3. Book an appointment with one of HelloMD’s licensed healthcare practitioners.

Supporting Patients from Coast-to-Coast

ZYUS’ alliance with HelloMD is just one of the many steps the company has taken over the past two years to help improve patient outcomes. The company is also proud to announce the launch of a dedicated French-language version of its website, ZYUS.ca/fr/. Starting today, registered patients can place orders directly from ZYUS.ca/fr/ in French. This newly-launched French website is an important step in helping registered medical patients across Canada access ZYUS’ first generation cannabinoid formulations in their preferred language.

Prospective patients or HCPs seeking more information on ZYUS or its products can visit ZYUS.ca or speak to a member of the ZYUS Patient Care Centre in English or French at 1-833-713-CARE (2273).

About HelloMD

HelloMD is a leading digital platform for alternative healthcare, and has facilitated more than 100,000 virtual consults between patients and licensed practitioners. With its mature tech platform, exceptional patient support and flexible business models, the company's B2B solutions help pharmacies, clinics and producers onboard to deliver world-class, virtual care to existing and new medical cannabis patients. Visit HelloMD

About ZYUS Life Sciences Inc.

ZYUS is a Canadian-based life sciences company focused on the global development and commercialization of innovative cannabinoid-based therapeutics and product candidates. Through clinical research and IP development, we intend to deliver high-quality oils, gel-caps, topical creams and other cannabinoid-based therapeutics and product candidates to patients worldwide. The ZYUS vision is to elevate cannabinoids as a standard of care and expand the potential of protein-based formulations in pursuit of a transformational impact on patients’ lives. ZYUS: Advancing the Science of Well-Being. Visit www.zyus.com.

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