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Time to Gear Up for Winter Driving

This winter make safety a priority with these 6 tips from the tire safety experts at Hankook Tire Canada


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If there’s one thing Canadians have learned in 2020, it’s to be prepared! Although many of us are limiting our plans for long-range road trips this season, Hankook Tire, premium tire manufacturer and winter tire experts – says we can’t use this as an excuse to neglect the winterization and regular maintenance of our vehicles. This, of course, includes making the switch to winter tires, as we should be doing each year!

“Vehicle safety is the last thing Canadians should be worried about this winter,” says Hye Kim of Hankook Tire Canada. “Our deep understanding of winter driving gives us the ability to create high-quality winter tires that keep drivers and their passengers safe; we created the following helpful, Hankook Winter Driving Tips and DIY Winter Driving Tool Kit to ensure Canadian drivers can get where they’re going without any bumps in the road!”

Top 6 Winter Driving Tips from Hankook Tire

Whether we like it or not, “winter is coming,” and safety should remain a top priority! Gearing up your vehicle - and yourself - for a smooth winter drive is easy with our tips below.

  1. Check your cars’ liquid levels frequently – especially engine coolant, as this prevents your engine from freezing and cracking. And you certainly don’t want to run out of windshield wiper fluid in an ice storm.

  2. Make sure your hood lifts are in working order – hood lifts can freeze up and stop working in cold weather, it’s a good rule of thumb to have them checked at the same time you switch over to your winter tires.

  3. You NEED winter tires – we can’t stress this enough - winter tires are specially crafted to perform best in cold and icy conditions, in some provinces they’re even mandatory, and for good reason! Changing your vehicle over to winter tires is a life-saving effort.

  4. Make the switch to snow tires early – a good rule is to change to your winter tires when the weather dips below 7 degrees C. No matter if you have all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive, you must install all four winter tires – not just two – this is not only inefficient but is also very dangerous.

  5. Do the toonie test – check your winter tires frequently – slip a toonie in between your tire tread block, if the tread reaches only as far as the letters (‘CANADA’ or ‘DOLLARS’), your tires are worn and need to be replaced.

  6. Check your cabin air filter – a new filter ensures strong cabin airflow, keeping you warmer and preventing your vehicle’s blower motor from overheating.

Canada Tested, Winter Approved: Hankook Tire DIY Tool Kit

Winter driving safety essentials don’t have to be fancy or expensive. The following items are must-haves for road safety and are a great starting point to create your own DIY Winter Driving Tool Kit with items you may already have around the house! Keep it in your vehicle all winter long to be prepared for any slippery situation:

  • Portable phone charger – essential to power up your cellphone if your vehicle won’t start, or worse…

  • Kitty litter or sand – spread it around your tires to create traction to more easily get your vehicle out of a rut or snow drift.

  • Flashlight and batteries – let there be light when most needed.

  • Non-perishable food – it’s important to have emergency snacks just in case. Pack some granola bars, nuts, and beverages for extra fuel.

  • Blankets – are always welcome in case of a serious situation, beyond just wanting to snuggle up. Bring blankets to stay warm in case of an emergency.

  • Portable air compressor and tire patch kit – these tire care essentials will come in handy and allow for quick repairs in a pinch.

  • Road flares – they can serve as a beacon of light for a vehicle stuck on the highway, or a back road, summoning help when needed.

Throw these items in a hockey bag, and there you have it, your all-Canadian DIY Winter Driving Tool Kit, approved by the experts at Hankook Tire!

Staying safe on the road this winter depends on your careful driving skills, combined with meticulous vehicle maintenance and the use of snow tires. These Top 6 Tips for Safe Winter Driving, and Hankook Tire’s easy to assemble DIY Tool Kit are specifically designed to help Canadians make the most of winter and the great outdoors, while staying safe on the road.

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