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Tetley Taps Strategic Objectives to Infuse Flavour into NEW Live Tea Launch

Redefining Resolutions Campaign Inspires Canadians to “Live in the Moment”

Jan 8 2024

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Get your kettles ready! Tetley Canada, the nation’s #1 tea brand, has hired Strategic Objectives, Canada’s most award-winning communications firm, to brew up excitement and “spill the tea” around its latest flavours of Live teas; Live Happy and Live Balanced. Tetley Live teas offer a diverse range of great tasting flavours to help elevate the tea drinking experience, and encourage Canadians to be mindful, be present, and Live a life that’s authentically theirs.

Tetley, a long-time leader in the specialty/herbal tea category, selected Strategic Objectives due to its refined blend of experience in the lifestyle, wellness and food and beverage categories:

“I admire Strategic Objectives’ ability to deliver creative campaigns that reach Canadians across all coasts. The team’s enthusiasm for the product, and understanding of the moments of pause they create, confirmed that they will deliver on our mission of helping Canadians in their pursuit of living better, and propel the Tetley Live brand in the Canadian market.” says Joyce O'Connor, Director of Marketing, Tata Consumer Products, producers of Tetley tea.

Redefining Resolutions

Tetley Live teas are crafted to support Canadians on their mental wellness journeys. Strategic Objectives has developed a ‘Redefining Resolutions’ campaign that challenges Canadians to rethink their approach to setting restrictive New Year’s resolutions, and instead “Take Life One Sip at a Time” to nourish their wellbeing.

The team is working closely with Happiness Expert, Dr. Gillian Mandich, who, through national media relations and TV segments will provide insight and advice to help Canadians achieve their desired happiness and balance in life. Dr Mandich will share how to introduce ‘savouring’, a scientific term for appreciating the small things, from feeling sunshine on our face, to the beauty of a flower, to the warmth and aroma of a cup of tea, which research suggests can build happiness. The campaign will also feature paid partnerships with wellness influencers, ‘Positivi’tea’-themed mailers and a media partnership with Châtelaine magazine.

“For the team at Strategic Objectives, crafting a creative campaign is as crucial as making the perfect cup of tea. With 10% of our team being British, we intimately understand the transformative power of a great cuppa. We bring a kettle-full of insight and category expertise to the launch of the new Tetley Live teas. Our media and influencer relationships, like the perfect brew time, have been refined over time. A cup of Tetley Live tea is an invitation to pause, and our campaign will help Canadians to unlock the experience of living life in the moment. Here's to a partnership steeped in passion and flavour," adds Laura Blott, Senior Account Director at Strategic Objectives.

Tetley Live teas are available nationwide.  For a “tea-ser” of the new flavours, check out the Tetley.ca website and follow @TetleyCanada on Instagram, and Tetley.Canada on Facebook.

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