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Rise of the Fidget Toys: New Generation of ‘Pop,’ ‘Twist,’ and ‘Squeeze.’ Gadgets from Showcase, Canada's National Retailer

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As Canadians pass the first anniversary of the pandemic, the ‘new normal’ consists of back-to-back-to-back video calls, online learning sessions, worrying about loved ones and non-existent work-life balance. Focusing on a task at-hand, staying motivated and lowering stress levels is difficult and many adults and children are struggling. A unique and fun way to combat stress and stay focused, fidget tools have been rising in popularity over the last year and studies are now in field to prove its effectiveness in occupying idle hands. Showcase, Canada’s Home of the Hottest Trends, has curated a large assortment of fidget accessories that are now a part of a viral social media craze around the world. #FidgetToys has videos with over 100 million views on social media and Showcase has over 150 types of Fidget Toys, with, new items arriving daily.

“The pandemic has significantly affected the ability to focus on our tasks and fidget accessories have been a proven way for many to hone nervous energy and increase productivity,” says Samir Kulkarni, CEO of Showcase. “The fidget movement began more than three years ago with Showcase being first to market with fidget spinners and has since pivoted its appeal over the past year, specifically, to help people of all ages increase concentration and battle screen fatigue.”

Fidget accessories are a unique playground for fingers to squeeze, twiddle and twirl away, while allowing increased psychological focus on school, work, or any thinking task demanding full attention. Historically used for the neurodivergent community, these tactile tools have now become sought after to get through restless days and have become a focal point of international, viral social media videos.

Showcase’s Top Fidget Accessories

Here are some of the top-selling fidget toys now available online and at Showcase locations across Canada:

Moodimals Reversible Plush Toys: A cute, quirky companion and viral TikTok trend, Moodimals Octopus, Fox, Rainbow Cat or Unicorn plushies can be turned inside out and back again to reveal different playful emotions.

Push N’ Pop Bubble Fidget: Pop n’ play all day with this soft toy that has raised bubbles to press, like bubble wrap! Turn it upside down and reset the bubbles and start again; or turn it into a game to pop the most bubbles per round to win.

Squishmallows: This popular line of super-soft plush toys offers comfort, support and fun in any situation. Kids of all ages can collect a range of huggable characters, each with their own name and story!

Slime Licker Liquid Candy: Slime Lickers give tastebuds a wake-up call, with hidden sour candy inside. Roll it on and take part in TikTok’s viral #toxicwaste challenge to see if you have what it takes!

To find out more about Showcase’s range of fidget accessories, please visit its website, or find a local Showcase trend store.

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