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Iconic Duo: Perrier Partners with World-Renowned Contemporary Artist Takashi Murakami to Design Limited Edition Bottles

Murakami’s signature bright, happy flower design adds a pop of colour and a burst of positivity to the iconic green Perrier bottles

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Perrier, the world’s leader in premium carbonated water, also known for its history of investing in creativity and inspiring artistry, is collaborating with renowned contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami. The cheerful, restyled Limited Edition Perrier x Murakami printed packaging will join the classic Perrier carbonated water bottles and cans on Canadian shelves for a limited time only this spring.

The Limited-Edition Perrier x Murakami range features Murakami’s signature, colourful smiling flowers, which adds an extra pop of colour and happiness to the iconic green packaging, bringing Perrier fans a fun, delightful, art-infused twist to their favourite carbonated water.

The Limited Edition Perrier x Murakami range will feature on classic Perrier carbonated water packaging in the 250 ml can, 500 ml bottle and 1L bottle formats at Canadian retailers.

A Perfect Match

Limited-Edition Perrier x Murakami merges the bright, bubbly universe of Takashi Murakami with the creative spirit of Perrier, reflecting the brand’s unexpected, original personality and pioneering, artistic spirit. Considered one of the most important Japanese artists of our generation, Murakami’s internationally-acclaimed work embodies an intersection of pop culture, history and fine art.

The collaboration, which debuted globally in 2020, features Murakami's most famous motif, the smiling flower. Each with twelve rounded petals, twinkling eyes and exuberant mouths, Murakami's flowers repeat and reconfigure in a bright kaleidoscope of colours. The vibrancy and delight of Murakami’s flowers are a perfect complement to Perrier, a brand rooted in eccentric style, unique design, and cultural connection.

Murakami’s famous flower motifs have been displayed across a wide variety of media and contexts, from expansive finely executed canvases on the walls of some of the world’s leading galleries, to plush keychains on merchandise stalls.

A Rich History of Inspiring Artistry

Creativity and innovation live at the heart of the Perrier brand; Perrier has a longstanding tradition of celebrating visionary artists. For more than a century, Perrier has invested in creativity and inspiring artistry to reflect the brand’s eccentric style and differentiating spirit.

“Perrier x Murakami is a celebration of Perrier’s rich, artistic heritage,” says Ashley Edelstein, Senior Marketing Manager at Perrier Canada. “Our partnership with Takashi Murakami is our most recent in an extensive resume of collaborating with artistic trailblazers, including Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Raymond Savignac, Bernard Villemot and Jean-Gabriel Domergue, to name only a few, each of whom left their mark in Perrier’s identity.”

The Perrier x Murakami range is available in the carbonated water section of Canadians retailers for a limited time beginning April 2021.


Born in 1962 (Tokyo). Drawing from traditional Japanese painting, sci-fi, anime, and the global art market, Murakami creates paintings, sculptures, and films populated by repeated motifs and mutating characters of his own creation. His wide-ranging work embodies an intersection of pop culture, history, and fine art.

Murakami has held solo exhibitions at major art institutions around the globe and is widely known for his high-profile projects with fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and VANS, as well as collaborations with musicians such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. He also directs and produces films and animation.

Murakami earned a BA, MFA, and PhD from Tokyo University of the Arts, where he studied nihonga (traditional Japanese painting). In 1996, he established the Hiropon Factory, a studio/workshop that in subsequent years grew into an art production and artist management company, now known as Kaikai Kiki Co. Ltd.



For over a century PERRIER® has collaborated with some of the world’s most famous and distinguished artists, including Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Bernard Villemot and Jean-Gabriel Domergue, who have each in their own way established a touch of artistic irreverence. With a story which started in 1863, in Vergèze, South of France, PERRIER® is recognized worldwide by its iconic green bottle. Enjoyed in more than 140 countries worldwide, it is known for its refreshing mineral water combined with its unique bursting bubbles. As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, PERRIER® is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2022.

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