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#KiaElectricEducation Paves the way for green vehicles

Here’s how Strategic Objectives partnered with Kia Canada to help Canadians learn all about electric vehicles (EVs).

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#KiaElectricEducation is a six-part YouTube series created to educate consumers on electric vehicles and establish Kia as a leader in the green vehicle space.



Kia Canada, which has been in the Canadian market for more than 20 years, was looking to establish and promote its leadership position in the green vehicle space. The brand partnered with Strategic Objectives to increase awareness of and promote its exciting and innovative electric vehicle lineup.

SO is Kia Canada’s Agency of Record, charged with generating positive coverage for the brand in social and mainstream media, building partnerships with influencers and driving awareness of its impressive fleet and important work supporting communities across the country.

We created #KiaElectricEducation to help break electric vehicle knowledge barriers and emphasize Kia’s position as the ultimate authority in the EV scene. The six online learning sessions were designed to be real and relevant by engaging well-known influencers to offer an entertaining way to learn about EVs.

The Challenge: Make EV Education Exciting

Sustainable green vehicles may be high on the consumer radar, but there’s considerable confusion in the marketplace when it comes to understanding how EVs work and why they’re the best option. Our goal was to create an easy to understand and engaging, while educational, YouTube series, full of reliable EV information.

The Solution: Drive consumers to compelling content

#KiaElectricEducation was conceived to expand understanding of electric vehicles, broaden Kia Canada’s reach and showcase its wide variety of EVs. The six-part series paired well-known influencers with vehicles suited to their lifestyle to showcase storylines inspired by their real-life personas and unique vehicle needs, while discussing pertinent, and often-asked questions about electric vehicles.

Danielle Graham (@daniellegraham): engaging media personality and well-loved former Canadian entertainment reporter, best known for her work on CTV’s ealk. Danielle’s busy family life and exuberant attitude made her the perfect person to showcase the Kia Sorento PHEV, an elevated SUV with enhanced safety features and impressive space, suitable for an on-the-go family lifestyle. Episodes include:

Dan Rodo (@danocracy): Kia brand champion, visual artist, video creator and city-dwelling millennial. Dan’s enthusiasm, and electric personality and continued collaboration with Kia created a meaningful connection for him to showcase the Sportage HEV, the ideal vehicle for urban millennials whose driving primarily consists of navigating city traffic. Episodes include:

Chris Hau (@thechrishau): macro influencer best known as a photographer, filmmaker, Creative Director and YouTuber. A car enthusiast and Kia brand champion, Chris was already familiar with the EV6 and matches the professional consumer profile. Digitally focused, inherently smart, and environmentally conscious, Chris shares his honest experience living with the EV6. Episodes include:

The Kia Electric Education series lives online and is a valuable asset for consumers investigating life with a green vehicle. , It positions Kia as a thought leader in the green movement, and Kia vehicles as the best choice in that next step towards going green. ​To spread awareness of the series beyond Kia Canada’s YouTube subscribers, we leveraged the influencers’ social media channels to promote each episode.

The Result: Our video series exceeded expectations and yielded

  • More than 6.7 million social media impressions – 12x our initial goal.
  • An engagement rate of 11.42% for influencer content – 3.8x the industry standard.
  • 42 influencer posts on social media.
  • 542,000 total video views to-date on Kia Canada’s YouTube channel.

Watch the full series here: youtube.com/user/kiacanada.

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