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TOP 10 Trend Predictions 2020

Dec 9 2019

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With 2020 just around the corner, the experts at TrendHunter – the world’s largest and most popular trend platform – are proud to release their annual list of Top Trend Predictions for 2020 – and it looks like we’re in for another wild, disruptive year!

We’re talking Deepfakes, Milk-Made Fashion, and the rise of the “Boomerlennial”. Fancy yourself a gamer? Try out a gamified travel or hotel experience – you may even be greeted by a Holographic Assistant to check-in.

Leveraging big data, a team of human researchers, and sophisticated A.I., Trend Hunter can reliably predict the emerging trends that will dominate headlines and airwaves next year. While it may feel like the future is here today, Trend Hunter’s top trend predictions show us where we’re really headed.

  1. DEEPFAKE PRODUCTION – In an era of digital exploitation and fake news, the increased popularity of deepfake technology has the potential to accelerate these issues. “Deepfake technology” is a machine learning technique that superimposes smart technology to people’s images to create highly realistic, but fake, videos. There are growing fears as to how this technology will continue to impact social and political issues. It is essential that consumers are educated on the possibilities here especially as brands are also turning towards the technology.
  2. MILK-MADE FASHION – Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious and sustainable fashion is continuing to be on the rise. Small emerging fashion brands are turning to textiles made from the various properties of milk to cater to this. Upcycling milk waste sets a precedent for the future of the fashion industry as climate change becomes a growing concern.
  3. BOOMERLENNIALS – Boomers and millennials have a lot more in common than stereotypes would suggest, and with both highly represented in North America they are popular targets for marketers. There are parallels between their social and hippie movements, such as a tendency towards activism and a focus on interpersonal relationships. This will lead to boomers gravitating towards products typically associated with the millennial demographic.
  4. HOLOGRAPHIC ASSISTANTS – Smart Assistive technology is now being developed with holographic functions that enhance interactivity between the customer and the product. Holographic assistants enable consumer engagement due to their novel and future-focused design while catering to the preference of personalization. In everything from cars to home assistant devices, smart assistive technology is something we will see much more of.
  5. REWARD ACTION – We are seeing a shift amongst consumers to the ‘attention economy’ in which experiences are seen to be as valuable as money. This is due to the evolution of social media and the subsequent redefinition of ‘value’. Regular social media users view every ‘like’ as a prize or currency exchange. Due to this, brands are encouraging consumers to participate in various tasks and experiences before they are granted access to products and/or services. The intangible is starting to impact consumers’ view on value beyond social media, and into their real lives.
  6. GAMIFIED STAY – The hospitality space is shifting as the hotel industry is required to compete with the ever-expanding homestay industry. Hotel brands are prioritizing playful brand-customer interactions that offer a point of distinction from competitors, whether it’s themed rooms, loyalty programs or something that will add a novelty travel experience to a consumer’s stay.
  7. ADVENTURE VIEWING – Consumers’ attention spans are shorter than ever, and they have a growing desire for immersive experiences. To help tackle this, brands associated with passive forms of entertainment are now incorporating choose-your-own-adventure formats into storytelling in new and innovative ways.
  8. PEER TO PEER ADVICE – There is an ongoing rise in online communities allowing consumers from all backgrounds and interests to connect in real time. This shift highlights the growing power of the consumer and their desire to connect with others in an authentic way. Consumers are trusting brands less and peer to peer advice offers more certainty for the increasingly skeptical consumer.
  9. FIRST TIME EMPOWERMENT – Brands are looking for ways to build trust with consumers and by providing accelerated support for key milestones, such as parenting or menstruation, brands can establish customer loyalty. The shift comes as consumers seek both empowerment and authenticity in the brands they purchase from.
  10. ACTIVE SILENCE – We have seen the rise of meditation over the last few years, and now brands are putting their focus on creating or finding environments that are suitable for meditative practices, namely those that prioritize silence. This includes everything from novelty silent records to solitary spaces incorporated into interior design. As the balance of personal and professional lives preoccupies consumers more and more, the willingness to experiment with both traditional and non-traditional ways of achieving this will increase.

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