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Toronto hosts launch of Playbook Hub Canada to revolutionize talent booking

Apr 5 2018

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So you want to hire an artist – to draw portraits or tattoos at your event, a mural on your wall, to swing from a trapeze, break dance or do a pas de deux, tell your future, spin beats or pluck strings – search the back pages of Google no more! Enter Playbook Hub Canada, a brand new online artist booking solution, launching nationally across Canada throughout 2018 and kicking off in Toronto.Playing at the intersection of two worlds: business and art, Playbook Hub creates synergies and supports Canadian artists by facilitating a platform that showcases artists’ work and connects them with potential gigs all on a reliable, free and easy-to-use platform that saves everyone time and money. The new service launched in Toronto with a spectacular art- and performance-filled event promoting and showcasing local talent on Wednesday, April 4. Attended by the city’s top talent, bookers, movers and shakers, it was the ultimate networking event to bring the two worlds of art and commerce together in real life.

Canada’s bursting at the seams with talent!

Playbook Hub which originates in South Africa first launched in July 2017. A huge hit, the service is helping thousands of artists book jobs. Now, founder and chief executive officer, Rudi Pienaar, has set his sights on Canada as the first major stepping stone in Playbook Hub’s global expansion.

Canada is bursting at the seams with talent, and brands have an ever-growing need for event activations and artist participation. Playbook Hub provides users, both artists and booking agents, with an efficient, reliable, protected experience,” says founder Rudi Pienaar. “Toronto is the perfect market to launch Playbook Hub into North America. There is such an artistic energy in the city and the brands and events that play in this space are world-class.”

Click, Click, Book! Playbook Simplifies the Artist Booking Process

Playbook Hub serves to streamline the artist procurement process

Playbook Hub is a streamlined artist booking solution for everyone involved in the entertainment procurement process – the platform acts as a talent search engine with filters for specialty including artistic category, genre, location, and price range. The service also includes a messaging system, a secure invoicing and payment system, reviews, and an events calendar. Accounts are free to create and maintain.

“Canada has emerged as a major player in the art and music scene. We as Canadians respect and embrace local talent; it’s an empowering time to be an artist in this country, but there are a lot of unique and incredible artists out there” said Toronto DJ Conor Cutz. “Social media has emerged as our way to market ourselves, but it’s not always the most effective way to get seen. Playbook Hub legitimizes the search process and takes the legwork out of getting booked, so artists can focus on what’s important to us – our art.”

Whether the booking agent is a marketing or PR practitioner, event planner, venue manager, small business owner or consumer, artists can be hired for gigs like festivals, corporate and private events, live music performances, special commissions, and so much more. Playbook Hub’s aim is NOT to cut out the middle man – the hardworking talent manager – artists can share their booking link with their agent’s account. Agents can log in and manage their talents’ profiles directly on the platform.

Artists and agents can also proactively search for opportunities using the Tenders System. Booking agents of all kinds can post talent opportunities and detail the service they need, genre and budget. Artists can apply for these jobs and the booking agent chooses the best fit. This helps simplify the talent booking experience by ensuring that artists who fit the criteria, are interested, available, and within budget gain exposure.

About Last Night

Last night’s Toronto Queen West event, hosted by MUCH Music’s Tyrone Edwards, was a feast for the senses and a mash-up of some of the city’s most talented artists. DJs Matthew Romeo and Conor Cutz shared the turntable; indie pop band Monowhales played an upbeat set; and drag queen Scarlett BoBo ended the night of performances with a sizzling show.Local artists including painter and influencer Andrea Bolley, and artists Deniz Altug and Jessica Gorlicky, set up a mini gallery lounge where event guests could support local talent and shop their work. Guests like Chloe Wilde, Glen Baxter, and DJ Killa Kels were treated to a variety of other sensory experiences, with all of the participating artists available to book on Playbook Hub Canada.

About Playbook Hub – Artist Booking Agency and Entertainment Management

Launched in spring 2017 in South Africa, Playbook Hub offers a sleek, secure booking system that connects artists to event and entertainment companies, small businesses, and even private individuals who want to hire them for events, performances, and commissioned work. The platform acts as a search engine for talent, a messaging system between bookers and performers, a secure invoicing and payment system, a review site, and an events calendar and online portfolio for artists. Accounts are free to create and maintain. For more information, to sign up, and to browse the artist roster, visit www.playbookhub.ca.

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