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A First for Canada! Node, Redefining Rental Options for Young Professionals

node (nód) : a point of connection

Jul 5 2019

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Hassle-free co-living comes to Kitchener-Waterloo

Say goodbye to painful roommate-hunting, difficult landlords, disinterested neighbours, lugging old furniture and endless utility bills! Global co-living leader, Node, will build its next residential project in Kitchener, Ontario. An international leader in co-living, Node represents the next generation housing solution for the world’s travelling workforce, and has proven its revolutionary “curated living” lifestyle concept with award-winning projects in Europe and North America.

Node will break ground with its first Canadian residence in downtown Kitchener in fall 2019, and deliver its elevated, plug-and-play living concept to residents in early 2021. Founded in 2016, Node currently operates cutting-edge co-living spaces in the US, Ireland and the UK, with further expansion planned globally. Node is recognized for building communities that reflect each location’s dynamic neighbourhood, creating beautifully designed apartments with communal spaces, and helping to foster authentic community life, all to meet a new wave of market demand.

“Node’s new way of living has proven successful in some of the world’s most progressive cities, and we’re thrilled to make Kitchener-Waterloo, with its burgeoning tech and start-up culture, our first Canadian home,” says Node founder and CEO Anil Khera, who grew up in Toronto and splits his time between his home in Canada and the UK. “I am a proud Canadian, excited about bringing our global concept back home. We have big things planned for Canada, and hope to pre present in every major Canadian city one day,” he says

Cost. Convenience. Community.

What is co-living? Co-living is a new way of renting that hopes to ease the housing crisis for urban professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs working in increasingly unaffordable and isolated cities. At its core, co-living embraces three goals – or the 3 “C’s” of cost (affordability), convenience and community. Costs are reduced by creating smaller but more efficiently designed units and making use of shared communal spaces. Convenience is achieved by providing a one stop lifestyle solution for renters – roommate matching, furniture and utilities all handled in one go. Community is fostered via a living culture where residents meet and connect physically and digitally, which can help tackle issues of loneliness and make city living more vibrant and experiential.

In-Unit Amenities

  • High-spec kitchen
  • Retro SMEG refrigerator
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Smart home technology
  • Air conditioning
  • Eco-thermostats
  • Washer and dryer
  • Beautiful furnishings
  • Inclusive utilities

Communal Amenities

  • Co-working space
  • Outdoor patio area
  • Residents’ lounge
  • Community Curator
  • Node Residents App
  • Resident’s events
  • Local partnerships

Locally curated artwork, cleaning services, kitchen, bed and bath packs are also available for residents who want to move in with a suitcase to an “Instagram ready” Node apartment.

Community Curators.

Community Curators drive the pulse of the Node community. Expert socializers and local gurus, Node curators connect residents with each other and the wider city community. They coordinate social and volunteer events, and assist with roommate selection and matching. They also create partnerships to support local businesses, the arts and charities. Node’s seamless connectivity includes the first-of-its-kind, global Node residential app, which places building access, courier service, rental payments and maintenance right in the palm of a resident’s hand – while also connecting residents locally and globally to foster a new type of community around the world.

The First Canadian “Nodie”.

The residents, lovingly referred to as “Nodies”, are a perfect example of how Node facilitates community amongst global citizens. Canadian Khatija Ali is already taking advantage of all that Node has to offer for on-the-move tech professionals in Brooklyn, New York. “Co-living is a no-brainer as a young entrepreneur in a new city,” says Ali. She moved into Node’s Bushwick neighborhood location in December 2018, taking a compact one-bedroom apartment. “I moved to Brooklyn to pursue my dream of launching a biotech start-up,” says the 28 -year old entrepreneur. “I’ve met amazing people and made great friends at Node, and I couldn’t have asked for an easier transition to a new city.”

Canadian resident Khatija Ali has lived in the Node community in Brooklyn, New York since December 2018.

It’s the people that make Node a truly exceptional living experience. Founder and CEO Anil Khera explains, “Node residents come from diverse backgrounds, but they’re of one mindset. They are global citizens, big-thinkers, risk-takers and creatives who want to shape our world for the better. Our residents value experiences over possessions, they’re tech savvy, and environmentally conscious. They enjoy their personal space, as well as socializing, and they crave community. You find family and home at Node,” he says.

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