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Kia Communities in Motion Press Release

Kia Communities in Motion reveals second-year funding recipients, inspiring movement in communities across Canada

May 18 2023

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Kia Communities in Motion is providing seven local charities and non-profits across five new markets the time, space and funding to move their communities forward.

● Now in its second year, the program will see $1.4M support local projects across the country over four years.

Today, Kia Communities in Motion announces seven charities and non-profits across Canada that will receive funding in the program’s second year. Building on the impact of year one, Kia is reaching five new regional markets to support local projects that will help drive inclusivity in their communities through movement and innovation.

In partnership with Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), Kia Communities in Motion is a grassroots initiative that will see Kia Canada invest $1.4M over four years to support local projects that are building inclusive communities through innovative programming that encourages movement.

Kia Communities in Motion is rooted in giving back to communities that are moving marginalized groups forward, and in the program’s first year, we saw a transformative change at a grassroots level,” says Elias El-Achhab, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Kia Canada. “At Kia, we want to support mobility not just physically in our vehicles, but socially, economically and environmentally, to help communities across the country thrive.”

“Movement can spark inspiration and fuel innovative ideas in communities,” says Andrea Dicks, President at Community Foundations of Canada. “We are pleased to see the incredible projects funded through Kia Communities in Motion’s second year. These projects showcase the brilliance of charities and non-profits across the country as they move communities forward through innovative solutions rooted in building a future where everyone flourishes.”

Empowered by community foundations on the ground

CFC has a network of 201 community foundations across Canada, each with a deep understanding of their local community’s needs. Kia Communities in Motion is working with five community foundations across the country in 2023. This year’s partners include:

Fundy Community Foundation, St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick

Fondation Québec Philanthrope, Québec City, Québec

Oakville Community Foundation, Oakville, Ontario

Dauphin & District Community Foundation, Dauphin, Manitoba

Squamish Community Foundation, Squamish, British Columbia

Second-year charity recipients span coast-to-coast-to-coast

The seven selected charities and non-profits will address the unique needs of their community and will implement innovative solutions to tackle social challenges, encourage inclusivity and create critical change at the local level. This year’s funded charitable organizations include:

Multicultural Association of Charlotte County Inc., Charlotte County Culturally Connects, St. George, N.B.

Neighbourhood Works Inc., Youth Launch, St. Stephen, N.B.

Multiethnic Center of Québec, Speaking and understanding each other for all, Québec City, Que.

Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton, Finding Freedom on the Sixteen, Oakville, Ont.

Halton Environmental Network, Generation Green, Oakville, Ont.

Ukrainian Folk Arts Centre and Museum Inc. (UFACM), Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund: Education to Employment Project, Dauphin, Man.

Squamish Nation – Squamish Valley Operations, Skwxwu7mesh Uxwumixw Valley Garden Project, Squamish, B.C.

Every project is committed to propelling its community forward through equitable, innovative solutions grounded in the concept of movement:

Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund’s Education to Employment Project by (UFACM) in Dauphin will provide English classes to displaced Ukrainian families that have chosen to live and work in Dauphin and want to improve their language skills. “Dauphin is home to many Ukrainian families who have strengthened our diverse community with the food, traditions, dance and music that make up the culture. The opportunity to welcome so many more families and help them find meaningful employment, in turn enhancing our community, is a delight and an honour,” says Pam Iwanchysko, Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund: Education to Employment Committee support team volunteer. “From filling job vacancies to increasing school enrollment through our Education to Employment program, we look forward to continuing to move our community forward. We are very grateful to be part of Kia Communities in Motion this year.”

Squamish Valley Operations: Skwxwu7mesh Uxwumixw Valley Garden Project by Squamish Nation will revive its Gardening Program by providing 50 Garden Boxes throughout the community. The boxes will be delivered by the Elders to schools, youth groups and gathering spaces such as Town Halls to teach skills and bring the community together through a shared activity. “A few years ago, Squamish Nation – Squamish Valley Operations introduced a Garden Box program to strengthen our Food Systems, however the pandemic forced us to limit our community work – delivering soil, compost and seedlings at community member doors only,” says Christine Baker, Manager, Squamish Valley Operations. “With Kia Communities in Motion, we have a huge opportunity to bring our 50+ garden boxes back into action, working with skilled local gardeners to completely rework our food systems and processing. O’Siem.”

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