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DuBreton Launches the Life of Pigs Campaign

Jun 1 2018

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DuBreton Launches the Life of Pigs in a Bold Effort to Educate Canadians on Animal Welfare Standards

Life of Pigs Campaign Highlights Certified Humane® and Organic Farming of our Food

Animal welfare practices relating to the meat we eat is a growing concern of Canadians. In fact, a recent survey† of more than 1,400 meat-eating Canadians reveals more than two-thirds (67 per cent) are concerned about the ethical treatment of animals. However, regulations for animal welfare claims that brands and producers can make are lax. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which oversees food labeling in Canada, does not regulate animal welfare claims such as “humanely” or “ethically” raised, and any brand can set its own subjective guidelines and definition of what these claims mean. This results in confusion at the butcher counter, and consumers are hard-pressed to be able to differentiate between the claims and the standards of animal welfare practices of brands and producers.

Canada Organic Logo

DuBreton is at the forefront of organic and Certified Humane® pork production in Canada and North America and wants grocery shoppers to look beyond the label and is helping to educate Canadians with truthful animal welfare information through its new Life of Pigs campaign at www.LifeOfPigs.com.

“There is a lot of misleading information when it comes to the treatment of animals raised for meat production,” says Vincent Breton, President of Les Viandes du Breton. “The only way to be sure that your pork has been consistently raised in a humane and respectful manner is to look for independent third-party certifications, such as Canada Organic and Certified Humane®. These certifications ensure that the products displaying the logos meet or exceed, and document, the best practices in animal welfare and treatment standards.”

Changing the Life of Pigs, One Certification at a Time

Certified Humane Logo

DuBreton’s Life of Pigs campaign is a part of duBreton’s efforts to increase public understanding of animal welfare.Featuring short animated organic video and Certified Humane® videos, the content focuses on the differences between certified production and conventionally farmed pork. Each video has been developed to be easy to understand, and is even appropriate for parents to share with their children and create teachable moments about farming and the food we eat.

“Sustainability is a growing concern, and is only going to become more important,” says Mr. Breton. “At duBreton, we believe that better choices change the world, and educating today’s youth is crucial to making positive change that will ensure a successful future for generations to come.”

The duBreton Difference: Pork You Can Feel Good About

All of duBreton’s organic and Certified Humane® pork is from pigs that are raised with a simple philosophy: Allow pigs to be pigs!Crate-Free Raised in crate-free environments, with free access to shelter, hay or straw-bedded resting areas, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviours. In addition, the organic pork is raised in open barns with outdoor access.

No Antibiotics, Ever

Farms follow strict hygiene practices, which help eliminate the need for antibiotics for disease prevention. If an animal gets sick, the farmer is allowed to treat it, however it is automatically removed from duBreton’s organic and Certified Humane® pork supply.

No Physical Alterations

No clipping of teeth and tails – despite this being a widespread practice throughout the pork industry.

Controlled Diet

The pigs are fed a high quality grain diet that contains no animal by-products. Organic pork feed is also GMO-free.

Stimulating Environments

Pigs are provided with hay for foraging, as well as toys and play areas to keep them occupied.

Less Stressful Living Conditions

Pigs live in comfortable, happy living conditions with more space, less noise and better air quality.

Saving the Family Farm

DuBreton works with more than 300 family farms in Ontario and Quebec. Many of the farmers are independent and only raise between 300 and 1,000 pigs in an entire calendar year. In fact, some farms in Ontario are so small, they only have a dozen sows (breeding female pigs) at a time. Certified Humane® and Organic farming practices now give these farmers a viable business alternative to selling out to big corporate factory farms. DuBreton enables the farmers to maintain their autonomy, increase their profitability and secure their future success. They are compensated fairly, without the risk of the uncontrollable highs and lows of pricing in the pork commodity market.


Better Choices Change the World: Pledge Your Support for Better Animal Welfare Standards

Canadians are encouraged to pledge their support for Organic and Certified Humane® pork by sharing duBreton’s Organic or Certified Humane® video on social media using the hashtag #LifeOfPigs.

DuBreton Certified Humane® and organic and pork can be found at major grocery stores and specialty organic and natural health stores. Specifically in Ontario, the products are available at Whole Foods, Longos, Organic Garage, The Big Carrot, Nature’s Emporium, Starsky Fine Foods, Sobeys and other purveyors of fine foods. Ask for organic and Certified Humane® as your guarantee to quality and the best practices in animal welfare.

DuBreton® also meets the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards, a mandatory program adopted by Whole Foods Market that recognizes farmers and ranchers that exceed industry standards and strive to continuously improve animal welfare.

About duBreton®: A Family Business, A Tradition of Quality, A Commitment to a Better World.

The year 1944 marked the beginning of a new company built by a passionate young farming couple named Napoleon and Adrienne Breton. Over time and through acquisitions and development of other companies, the Breton Tradition 1944 became one of the jewels of Quebec agri-food production, particularly in the pork sector. Now a world leading pork specialist with farming in both Quebec and Ontario, duBreton’s® goal is to satisfy the tastes of the best chefs, restaurants and homes throughout Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe. DuBreton® offers a complete range of the highest quality pork products from pigs raised and processed to the highest standards of quality and animal care. DuBreton’s® Rustic Farm Pork and Organic lines have an increased focus on humane farming techniques and respect the animals’ natural development and environment.

For more information, please visit LifeOfPigs.com, duBreton.com or duBreton’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn.

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