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New Study from Thermacell Finds Majority of Canadians Want to Remain Socially Distant This Summer…from Mosquitoes

Thermacell’s powerful, no-spray area mosquito repellents are a must-have for those looking to enjoy outdoor activities.

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With vaccinations rolling out and social guidelines slowly loosening across the country, Canadians are determined to get outside and enjoy the summer months. In fact, a new survey+ by Thermacell Repellents reveals that the majority of Canadians plan on spending more time outdoors this summer than in previous years, with 52% planning on taking a road trip and 38% a cottage or camping trip. But at the same time, 70% report they would spend more time outdoors if there was a safe and effective way to combat mosquitoes. And help is within reach, using Thermacell’s range of area repellents, including the new E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller, which ensures Canadians will enjoy a fun-filled summer – mosquito-free.

Exclude Mosquitoes from your Social Bubble

Who Canadians should be spending their quality time with has been the focus of many guidelines over the past year. As our bubbles widen, mosquitoes shouldn’t be included and Canadians agree, with two-thirds reporting that they have actually stopped an outdoor activity because of Mosquitoes. Canada is a community of outdoor enthusiasts; whether fishing, camping or just spending time in backyard living spaces, and encounters with mosquitoes shouldn’t compromise that enjoyment.

“Spending time in the outdoors leads to better physical and mental well-being, and as our lives get back to normal, it’s essential to maximize time outdoors, but without the worry of mosquitoes stopping the fun,” says Kyle Adelman, Senior Marketing Manager, Thermacell Repellents. “We realize quality time outdoors is important for so many reasons, which is why we’ve developed an innovative range of powerful area repellents that will keep mosquitoes socially distanced by at least 15ft, so you can get out and enjoy the summer.”

The Right Protection

Canadians are all too familiar with mosquitoes ruining the relaxation of outdoor activities during the summer months and they feel strongly about protecting themselves and their time outside, but it’s what’s inside the protection that matters to them the most. 90 per cent of Canadians would like to find a mosquito repellent that is effective, 79 per cent place an importance on odourless and spray-free repellents, and 56 per cent on DEET-free repellents.

The Thermacell product line was developed to answer this need for a proven-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on being better for consumers, and the planet. The products create a 15ft zone of protection that keeps mosquitoes away from you and your outdoor activity space. DEET-free and odorless, Thermacell Repellents target mosquitos without harming helpful garden pollinators, and contain a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemums that powers its efficacy and results.

Mosquito-Free by Design

Half of Canadians (53%) are unhappy with the current mosquito repellent solutions they have tried, and the Thermacell product line has been developed, based on these consumer sentiments, as a solution that Canadians can trust for long-term outdoor protection.

Not only are Thermacell products designed to effectively keep mosquitoes away, the array of available models suit the décor of any outdoor space – from backyards to cottages. The new E55 and Patio Shield offer a sleek design and small format that can easily be placed on your patio table. For off-the-beaten-track excursions, like camping or fishing trips, opt for Thermacell’s Portable Mosquito Repeller, which can be fastened to stationary objects, including a tree, tent pole or camping chair, to provide protection wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Protect Yourself This Summer

As Canadians widen their social bubbles this summer and spend more time outdoors, the threat of mosquitoes shouldn’t be a concern. Protecting yourself has never been easier; with Thermacell Repellents, you can make sure these pests keep their distance.

Thermacell repellents are available at many retailers, including online, big box stores, home centres and specialty outdoor stores. For more information, visit: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/all-brands/thermacell.html.

About Thermacell® Repellents, Inc.

Thermacell Repellents, Inc., headquartered in Bedford, MA, designs, manufactures, and markets area mosquito repellent and insect control solutions. Thermacell can be found at most outdoor, sporting goods, home improvement, and mass merchant retailers. Thermacell products are also available internationally in more than 30 countries. For more information on Thermacell and its complete line of repellent products, consumer reviews, and store locations, visit www.thermacell.com or call 1-866-753-3837.

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