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Strategic Objectives Wins Six 2022 OVATION Awards for Experiential Events, Marketing/Brand Communications, CSR, and More

We are SO honoured to be recognized by IABC/Toronto for exceptional strategic thinking, impeccable execution, and outstanding results


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What a wonderful way to cap-off a year like no other! Strategic Objectives is delighted to announce we are winners of six highly coveted IABC/Toronto OVATION Awards 2022, honouring our ability to produce impactful, hybrid events through the pandemic; our news-making, sales-driving brand launches; and original, meaningful community initiatives.

These awards recognize our talented team’s ability to adapt, embrace a challenge with excitement and enthusiasm, and excel within an ever-changing reality — all while creating memorable, actionable marketing programs that effectively connect with, and inspire Canadians. We brought new meaning to our mantra, “Smart Ideas. Better Solutions,” and cut through the clutter to exceed client KPIs.

We are SO grateful to our courageous clients who trust us to build and protect their brands; and to the IABC judges, who are all top-tier communications professionals and generously give their time to evaluate our work against IABC global standards for the communications profession.

With thousands of members around the world, IABC sets the standard for PR professionals in business communication. The IABC/Toronto chapter is the association’s largest, with more than 1,100 members, and its OVATION Awards have celebrated excellence in communications for more than 35 years.

Strategic Objectives’ six OVATION Award wins include diverse categories: Special and Experiential Events; Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Communication; Media Relations; Writing; and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Special and Experiential Events

#KiaElectricSound Event

Last year, Kia revamped its brand identity, moving in a bold, modern direction. Strategic Objectives was tasked with unveiling the all-new Kia sustainability promise, using its first fully electric car, the EV6, as the proof point. Our “Movement that Inspires” initiative had to reach diverse audiences and scream sustainability from start to finish. SO went into overdrive with #KiaElectricSound, our launch event which featured a unique stunt starring multi-platinum Canadian recording artist Fefe Dobson. During a hybrid live/online concert, her band’s electric guitar was powered solely by the EV6. This had never been done before and positioned Kia as a progressive EV pioneer. Keeping the important sustainability narrative top-of-mind, Strategic Objectives rocked it and shattered KPIs. All event elements worked in synergy to immerse our target audiences in Kia’s new branding and launched the EV6 in a totally new and innovative way.

  • Judge’s Comment: “Superior production quality, beautiful imagery, good writing and a very creative idea that you managed to pull off during Covid. Great example of a hybrid experience. Congrats!”

18th Annual Cashmere Collection

Kruger Products L.P. is Canada’s #1 tissue products manufacturer. The Company works with Strategic Objectives on communication campaigns including its highlight event of the year – the Cashmere Collection. Originally conceived in 2004, this creative initiative has grown to become a highly respected, multi-faceted annual fashion event, and one of the world’s longest running CSR programs, benefiting the Breast Cancer cause at the Canadian Cancer Society and Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Featuring Canadian-made, runway-ready couture crafted entirely in Cashmere Bathroom Tissue, the Cashmere Collection traditionally includes a well-attended runway reveal. However, in 2021 it was impossible to stage a fashion extravaganza due to COVID, so the brand created its first-ever Primetime Cashmere Couture for the Cure TV Special, and seamlessly incorporated media relations and integrations. Results were phenomenal, and best of all, Kruger Products remains one of the Canadian Cancer Society’s top five national brand partners supporting the Breast Cancer cause.

  • Judge’s Comment: “Managing the scale of logistics required through Covid is impressive. Excellent output and outcome results that exceeded objectives.”

Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Communications

Launch of Zoglo’s

More and more Canadians are adopting a flexitarian diet, yet the market has not kept pace with the demand for affordable, delicious options beyond burgers and sausages. Enter Zoglo’s, a new line of 12 plant-based products that offer variety and delicious recipes to easily integrate meat alternatives into mealtime. Strategic Objectives spearheaded an integrated communications program to raise awareness of the brand and its new line of products. Communications tactics included original photography; launch announcement and media relations; influencer marketing; and a virtual cooking event with Master Chef Canada Winner Chef Pino Di Cerbo. Our strategy was to inspire consumers with the benefits of plant-based meal alternatives and highlight the taste and the affordable price point of Zoglo’s products. Results were phenomenal, with the brand experiencing unprecedented sales growth and incredible grocery listings.

  • Judge’s Comments: “Congratulations on a strong campaign that demonstrated significant results.”

Media Relations

Launch of Perrier Energize

In spring 2021, Perrier introduced Perrier Energize, an innovative, organic, plant-based beverage that delivers an effective boost of energy without the harsh chemicals and high sugar of traditional energy drinks. We worked together to create buzz and awareness for this new product through an effective media relations campaign that included an Energy Attitudes consumer survey; media and blogger relations; unboxing experiences; Perrier Energize ambassadors; and an Instagram Live Workout Session. This highly effective campaign propelled Perrier’s position as an innovator and disruptor in the energy drink market. It provided the boost that Perrier Energize needed to make a big splash in a new category for the brand.

  • Judge’s Comment: “The program results showed that the project was on strategy and the audience was reached and impacted.”


Benjamin Moore Publication-Ready Articles

Outstanding writing is fundamental to great communications and that is why we are so honoured to receive this recognition. SO is the PR agency of record in Canada for Benjamin Moore, Canada’s colour leader and expert in home décor. As part of our annual communications strategy, we develop a series of Benjamin Moore publication-ready articles which are distributed to community and regional media in Canada. This tactic has gained importance as the changing media landscape has reduced the resources of local newsrooms. Benjamin Moore dealers depend on awareness raised through local media coverage and we needed a strategy to reach community media from coast-to-coast. The media pick-up of our writing over the year is unprecedented. Featuring how-to tips and design recommendations of our Benjamin Moore designer personalities, our writing successfully achieved its objective of propelling Benjamin Moore leadership and expertise. This program of publication-ready articles, far exceeded expectations and achieved excellent results.

  • Judge’s Comments: “Every aspect of this is well implemented, including the planning, writing, the photos, and the seasonal reinforcement. The matte stories were one aspect of a bigger program, but this tactical element stands very well on its own as a driver of brand publicity.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

San Pellegrino Chef Collective

S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is a global ambassador of fine dining, with a long tradition of supporting chef communities around the world. When the pandemic wreaked havoc on the restaurant industry in Canada, the brand wanted to help support fine dining restaurant partners from coast-to-coast in a meaningful way. San Pellegrino worked with Strategic Objectives to develop a COVID-safe, delicious charitable initiative – the San Pellegrino Chef Collective – which encouraged Canadians to support local restaurants. Campaign elements included sourcing of charitable partners; virtual tastings; media and blogger relations; social media; and POS material. The initiative was a tremendous success! Restaurant meals sold out, to the delight of pandemic-weary chefs, and San Pellegrino donated $100,000 to charitable partners benefiting the restaurant industry. The brand was instrumental in elevating positive chef relationships and building lasting credibility with restaurants and consumers. The brand also experienced sales increases during the campaign.

  • Judge’s Comments: “The program starts with a well-defined business need, a clear-eyed solution and smart, effective strategic planning and deft execution. Take a bow, Strategic Objectives!”

Our Strategic Objectives Team is SO proud of our client collaborations that create relevant, leading-edge, award-winning campaigns that make news, build brands, change minds, and deliver results.

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Does your brand need help cutting through the clutter? Would fresh thinking and modern, award-winning storytelling benefit your brand? Please contact us. Who knows… we might even win an award or two together! Let’s give it a try.

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