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STRONG Pilates Hires Strategic Objectives to Help Canadians Get “Down for More” in Canada

Oct 24 2023

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STRONG Pilates, a rapidly growing fitness movement from Australia, is expanding its unique fitness franchise to Canada and has hired Strategic Objectives, the nation’s most award-winning communications firm, to help launch the brand into Canada. With the mantra of “STRONG. Down for More”, this industry disruptor works to give everyone more out of their workout, more out of their week, and more out of their life.

Set to open its first studio in Toronto’s Little Italy in January 2024, STRONG Pilates Studio will offer Canadians high-intensity, low-impact full-body workouts like nothing this nation has seen before. Part resistance, part cardio, Pilates inspired, the 45-minute classes focus on promoting long-term, sustainable training through low-impact movements thanks to the purpose-built equipment: the patented Rowformer – part rower, part reformer – and Bikeformer – part bike, part reformer. The unique hybrid fitness experience delivers results without typical HIIT high-impact movements, such as plyometrics, which can increase the risk of injury. Plus, STRONG Pilates offers a range of daily classes alternating between full, upper and lower body, cardio, core, Pilates, or a combination of all.

More is More

“We are excited to share our innovative fitness experience with Canadians, and Strategic Objectives is the ideal partner to help us spread our message,” says Alyce Luczak, Director of Operations & Performance, STRONG Pilates Canada. “Together we will connect with Canadians who are Down for More: more cardio, more sweat, more strength and more confidence. But we also know there is more to being strong than muscles: it’s about strong minds, bodies, friendships and beats. That’s why our workouts are untraditional and ultra efficient.”

STRONG Pilates first launched in October 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, it has opened more than 40 studios across Australia and New Zealand, and has 100+ locations set to launch across the UK, Asia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia in the coming year. The launch communications campaign in Canada includes targeted media relations, influencer unboxing experiences and tastemaker trial sessions.

“We all have our own fitness goals to achieve and our own version of strength to develop,” says Sadie Tory, Director, PR & People, Strategic Objectives. “That’s why the STRONG Pilates approach resonates. It’s a completely unique experience that promotes strength in body and mind. The STRONG fitness method understands our unique needs, and optimizes classes, so we can spend more time living our lives.”

Watch for more details on STRONG Pilates as the January launch approaches. Discover more about business opportunities at www.strongpilates.ca.

About STRONG Pilates

STRONG is a fitness movement combining row and ride with Pilates-inspired movements using the new, innovative Former machine. A classic STRONG class lasts between 45-50 minutes, incorporating a mixture of cardio HIIT training and Pilates-inspired resistance training. For more information, visit www.strongpilates.ca.

About Strategic Objectives

Headquartered in Toronto, Strategic Objectives is Canada’s most award-winning PR agency, and one of the country’s most creative, innovative, passionate, and successful marketing communications firms. We create compelling strategies integrating digital, social, and mainstream media; virtual, and experiential events; and influencer marketing programs to achieve outstanding measurable results. Strategic Objectives is IABC Global Mid-size PR agency of the Year 2023 and IABC/Toronto Agency of the Year 2023.

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