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MARCELLE: Beauty Without Compromise – 145 Years of Beauty You Can Trust

Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-Free. Dermatologist Tested.


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Marcelle, an all-Canadian leading cosmetic brand and part of Groupe Marcelle, the largest cosmetic manufacturer in Canada is proud to launch the brand’s newly revamped website: Marcelle.com. The website details how Marcelle delivers Beauty Without Compromise through rigorous product testing, and provides educational information on how Marcelle’s products are made and why Canadians can feel safe using them. It also has full e-commerce capability making it easier to access Marcelle products than ever before.

Available online and at stores across Canada, Marcelle’s extensive collection of skincare and beauty products are affordable and highly effective, innovative products that are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

The Marcelle Beauty Without Compromise promise is to never compromise on the gentleness of ingredients, the quality of products, or the effectiveness of formulas. Beauty Without Compromise means you can trust what you choose to put on your skin, helping you feel good about yourself from the inside out.

With a history of 145 years of beauty you can trust, Marcelle has always delivered safe, quality products. Today, its ongoing commitment to zero compromise means you take a stand for: Wellbeing, Great Experiences and Accessibility. At Marcelle, every step of every process is filtered through these time-tested pillars.

Harnessing the innovation of science to inform rigorous clinical and in-use testing, Marcelle delivers some of the safest products on the market for your skin, ensuring products are powerfully effective while remaining simple and skin-friendly. Traceability is integral and all ingredients must comply to strict quality and safety standards. And all ingredients with a named source are traced to ensure the claim is accurate. For example, Canadian Glacier Water is verified as a unique ingredient that is a primary component of the brand’s highly successful Hydactive Collection.

The Marcelle Advantage

  • Marcelle has a variety of skincare ranges and colour cosmetic products to meet the needs of all ages and skin types
  • Committed to safe makeup and skin care products that are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
  • First brand to receive the Skin Health Program in 2013, recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA)
  • First cosmetic brand to have make-up products recognized by CDA, and we couldn’t be more proud
  • More than 50 products recognized by the CDA
  • Cruelty-free – Not Tested on Animals. Marcelle does not condone or conduct animal testing in its lab in Montreal or anywhere in the world
  • High quality test standards conducted through a team of scientific experts that test every formula. Chemists, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists work tirelessly to ensure products are safe for your skin, eyes, lips and more
  • Product innovation, development and manufacturing take place in the brand’s facilities in Montreal, allowing Marcelle to be hands-on and involved from formulation to packaging design and testing, at every stage of development
  • All-Canadian brand owned, operated and manufactured in Montreal, QC

Brand Values – Safety, Quality and Accessibility

Marcelle believes full transparency is a beautiful thing.

Skin Safety You Can Trust

  • Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products perfectly suited for all skin types
  • Colour and skin care products that are safe, effective and profoundly gentle
  • Formulated with trusted ingredients
  • Rigorous clinical and in-use testing

Quality You Can Enjoy

  • Strive for formulas that are gentle yet powerfully effective, while remaining simple to use
  • Ingredients and packaging are carefully selected with cutting-edge technologies in the skin care field

Accessibility You Can Count On

  • Committed to high-quality, safe, and effective products that are affordable, ensuring all customers can enjoy
  • Available in-stores and online

Discover the New Marcelle.com: Delivering Beauty Without Compromise

The new website shares the Marcelle story which dates back to 1874, and explains how it was a pioneer in hypoallergenic products, and its introduction to Canada in 1949. Marcelle became 100% Canadian owned with both worldwide distribution and manufacturing rights with its head office in Montreal in 1973, and now is a leading brand within Groupe Marcelle.

To learn more about Marcelle’s processes, please click the following links below:

Marcelle’s Product Testing Processes: A glimpse into the vigorous testing processes each Marcelle product endures

Marcelle’s Go-To Product Ingredients: To achieve gentleness, most Marcelle products are free of parabens, mineral oil, denatured alcohol, soap, sulfates, latex and more.


Groupe Marcelle Inc. is a Canadian company with its head office in Montréal, Québec. Its employees work in the research, development, production and marketing of more than 1,600 Marcelle®, Lise Watier®, Annabelle® and CW Beggs and Sons® products distributed in over 3,500 stores across Canada. Marcelle® offers a complete line of cosmetics and skincare products. Lise Watier offers a complete line of cosmetics, skincare and fragrance products. Annabelle Cosmetics® offers a complete line of cosmetics products. CW Beggs and Sons® offers men's skincare products

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