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Loacker Adds Layers to its Sustainability Focus with its “More Than Good” Platform

By Strategic Objectives

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Almost a century into its success story, Loacker – the worldwide leader in the wafer and chocolate specialties market – is taking its traditional goodness to an even higher level with “More Than Good,” a platform that shares Loacker’s renewed commitment to sustainability, along with its values and thoughtful choices, with today’s mindful and discerning customer. Loacker is intensifying its commitment to the quality and traceability of its raw materials and its sustainable practices and is bringing this commitment to life in new products, new recipes, new recyclable packaging, and a new logo.

NEW Sustainability Projects

All Loacker facilities already rely on 100% green electricity supply, and the company has recently launched four projects to verticalize the supply chains of its most important raw materials. The aim is to meet Loacker’s need for top-quality ingredients while respecting both nature and the people involved in the entire production process. Exciting new projects include:

  • Italian Hazelnut Orchards Project – ensures the supply of 100% Italian Hazelnuts and has incentivized the introduction of hazelnut orchards in new areas through long-term agreements with 80 farms in six different regions of northern and central Italy. The use of herbicides is prohibited, and Loacker ensures that it follows the best agricultural practices, making efficient use of precious resources, like water and by using electric vehicles in production.
  • Italian Milk-drying Plant – dries milk and whey for Loacker’s delicious creams and fine chocolate. Exclusively from Alpine regions, the milk is primarily sourced from cows on small Alpine farms near the plant, which is strategically located between two key Loacker facilities to avoid long freight journeys.
  • Madagascar Vanilla Project – ensures the high-quality of the precious Bourbon Vanilla Pods that are used in the creation of Loacker products and guarantees each stage of the supply chain meets precise standards of traceability, sustainability and fairness. Situated north of Madagascar, the project works directly with small groups of local farmers and fosters development through positive community and ecological activities.
  • Loacker Sustainable Cocoa Farming Program – ensures Loacker uses only ethically sourced and sustainably produced chocolate, with the goal of 100% sustainable chocolate by 2030. To ensure a truly exceptional flavour, two different areas of cocoa cultivation have been selected: Côte d’Ivoire for “earthy” bulk cocoa and Ecuador for “fine flavour” cocoa. Loacker closely follows every stage of the production chain and works on long-term projects with cooperatives in selected areas.

“In 2019, Loacker started an important path of evolution and reinforcement of its values through our unique brand promise: Goodness is a choice,” says Yvonne Profanter, Head of Communication, Loacker. “More Than Good is our next step, showcasing the good choices the brand has made to achieve delicious products, while also caring for people and nature.”

NEW Products and Recipes

A leader in the snack category, Loacker has always understood the importance of pure goodness and delivering high-quality products made with the finest ingredients. Now, its renewed commitment to sustainability is resulting in new products consumers can feel good about, inside and out. These include:

  • Gran Pasticceria Nut Selection Hazelnut – This decadent treat features two meringue biscuits layered with delicate hazelnut cream and embraced by a milk chocolate coating covered with crunchy hazelnut pieces.
  • Gran Pasticceria Nut Selection Almond – These pretty almond-shaped biscuits offer delicious almond cream filling nestled between two fragrant meringue biscuits kissed with luscious chocolate and scented almond flakes.
  • Quadratini Cheese – This unique, scrumptious snack offers five crispy wafers and four layers of delicate cream featuring 100% Alpine milk cheese.
  • Seasonal flavours: Cinnamon, Gingerbread and Speculoos – Just in time for the busy holiday season, Loacker is introducing three new flavours in both Quadratini and Wafer formats. These seasonal picks capture the natural flavours that make this time of year so extra special and provide a new way for you to celebrate More Than Good moments, either on your own or with family and friends.
  • Matcha Green Tea – This Canadian favourite is now available in a new 37.5-gram size. Discover the four layers of refined Matcha cream filling bursting with finely ground Japanese green tea leaves, nestled within five crispy wafers for an unexpected and refreshing treat.

Loacker is also making important changes to some of its most well-loved recipes including:

  • Loacker’s hazelnut cream filling now contains 10% more hazelnuts – 100% Italian and roasted in-house at Loacker.
  • All recipes contain 100% Alpine milk.
  • Loacker vanilla cream now contains 50% more top-quality vanilla.
  • Chocolate cream filling has been enriched with two varieties of cocoa from Loacker’s own cocoa farming program.
  • Coffee cream filling is made exclusively with the special Loacker 100% Arabica Blend.
  • Fruit cream fillings in Raspberry, Yogurt and Blueberry, and Yogurt specialities, now contain more sun-ripened raspberries and hand-picked blueberries.
  • From 2021, all Loacker products will be non-GMO, with no added flavourings or colours and with no preservatives and no hydrogenated fats.

NEW Logo and Packaging

Loacker has redesigned its logo and packaging to convey the goodness that has always been its hallmark. Building from the historic white font on red background, the new logo incorporates the distinctive Dolomites Mountain range, symbolizing Loacker’s close bond with the land and its love and respect for nature. The logo is framed by the Heritage Shield, a shape reminiscent of the ancient Loacker family crest.

Despite its delicate product, Loacker has reduced the plastic in its packaging by an average of 15% and most packaging is now recyclable. The design is contemporary, providing an enticing visual of each product’s unique ingredient characteristics.

“With More than Good, Loacker is expressing everything that lies behind the proverbial goodness of our products,” adds Profanter. “We invite every Canadian to discover #MoreThanGood in their life by choosing Loacker when seeking a snack, a moment for yourself, or baking for family and friends to share your love.”

About Loacker

“Che bontà!” means Pure goodness! with every bite, since 1925. For all this time, we have been offering you the pure, natural goodness and pleasure of our magnificent creations. This long confectionary tradition started with Alfons Loacker, who first started making wafers in his little pastry shop in Bolzano. Really not much has changed since then: we now make all our delicacies at 1000 meters above sea level, high up in the mountains in Auna di Sotto and Heinfels, using only carefully selected natural ingredients, with no trace of any added flavours, colours or preservatives, and we pack our specialties fresh out of the oven to preserve their full fragrance. But, to achieve perfection, goodness demands more than this, which is why we are constantly committed to greater social and environmental sustainability. Because, at Loacker, goodness is a choice.

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