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Cuisinart Hires Strategic Objectives to Slice Through the Ordinary with Launch of the NEW Cuisinart® Indoor Pizza Oven

Oct 4 2023

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Cuisinart, a leading cookware and home appliance brand known for its superior quality and spearheading industry innovation, is joining forces with Strategic Objectives, Canada’s most award-winning PR firm, to help launch the NEW Cuisinart® Indoor Pizza Oven.

The NEW Cuisinart® Indoor Pizza Oven is a state-of-the-art countertop oven, perfect for crafting artisanal pizza in the comfort of your own kitchen. Enthusiasts can achieve authentic Neapolitan pizzas in under 5 minutes thanks to radiant heat that can reach 700°F – the ideal temperature for cooking the crispy crust and bubbling cheese we all love. But more than that, the Cuisinart® Indoor Pizza Oven embodies the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality.

“The Cuisinart® Indoor Pizza Oven showcases our pursuit of culinary excellence, and Strategic Objectives is the right agency to help share this message with Canadians. They’ll spotlight our unwavering commitment to culinary artistry by showcasing our new pizza oven’s distinctive features. More than just an appliance, it reflects Cuisinart’s passion for transforming home cooking experiences,” says Saverio D’Angelo, Digital Marketing Manager.

The launch campaign for the Cuisinart® Indoor Pizza Oven begins this October and will include social media programming and consumer contesting.

“A growing number of Canadians consider themselves at-home chefs, but this is only one piece of the pie,” says Claire Gatti, Vice President, Strategic Objectives. “Beyond ingredients and know-how, we crave tools to help our creations easily come to life. The new Cuisinart® Indoor Pizza Oven combines innovation and quality to elevate our foodie desires and help create the pizza of our dreams,” she says.

The Cuisinart® Indoor Pizza Oven launches in Canada in October.

For more information, please visit www.cuisinart.ca or contact Claire Gatti, cgatti@strategicobjectives.com.

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