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We work on great campaigns

Unforgettable event activations, clever social campaigns, effective influencer marketing... Canada's top PR Agency, Strategic Objectives, does it all. Our award-winning campaigns push boundaries while delivering rock solid results for our clients.

Featured Campaigns


Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk

Ultra Canadian and ultra good for you — Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk splashes into Canada!

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Hitting the Road with Kia Canada

We teamed-up with Kia Canada to innovate a national lifestyle-focused influencer program to boost Kia beyond the automotive news pages and into Canadians’ everyday lives

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#TheScoopOnPoop – Ending Stigmas to Improve Health

We got real about regularity with SENOKOT® Natural Laxative to promote Canadians’ digestive health

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Kia Canada's #Power to Give

Helping Canadians Move Through the Pandemic with Confidence

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Past Campaigns

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Making Menswear Sizzle for Spring/Summer 2020

Here’s how we partnered with Grafton Apparel and its three hero brands: Tip Top, George Richards and Mr. Big & Tall to get Canadian men suited up in style

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Loacker: Moments of Pure Goodness

How do you make a heritage food brand relevant for today’s consumer? Take a stand for self care.

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Introducing Millennials to Co-Living, A NEW Way to Live in the City

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Kashi joi Launch: Experiencing Moments of Joi

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Building Lifestyle Media Relationships for Kia with The Power to Surprise

Here's how we partnered with Kia Canada to stage unique and exclusive media previews prior to the Canadian Auto Shows

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HSSL Red - long.jpg

(Durex™)RED #HaveSexSaveLives

To support this important cause, Durex Canada partnered with (RED) to launch their own (Durex™)RED limited-time product, an international fund – and awareness-raiser, encouraging Canadians to join the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa and #HaveSexSaveLives.

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We’re great listeners

Let's talk about your goals, your consumers, and how we'll connect the two.