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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Approach

Doing good is good for business

Canadian consumers care about supporting companies that are doing good. They want to feel good about their purchases and see more than a logo on a banner to actually believe and trust in a brand’s commitment to a cause. We’re experts at building corporate social responsibility partnerships that do good and resonate with your consumers, staff and stakeholders. We will partner with you to authentically align your brand with relevant causes and issues to enhance engagement and advance meaningful and positive change.

The power of CSR

83% of people trust a brand more if it’s socially responsible. 79% of consumers who read about a brand’s CSR initiatives on its website say they’re more likely to purchase their products. We have seen it time and again, an authentic values-driven CSR campaign will help rally Canadians’ support, engagement and brand loyalty.

CSR Accolades

Strategic Objectives is the only Canadian firm to ever receive the exclusive United Nations Grand Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Relations. Our corporate social responsibility and cause marketing programs are industry-leading, and we are proud to use the power of communications to contribute to making a difference in our world.

We’re great listeners

Let's talk about your goals, your consumers, and how we'll connect the two.