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Bilingual Consultant

We're currently accepting applications for a bilingual consultant position

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Bilingual Consultant Overview

Strategic Objectives has an in-house bilingual team, working and communicating primarily in French. We are committed to mentoring PR professionals to support and grow our thriving industry. We provide opportunities to work on unique and memorable campaigns, while receiving industry-leading training and expertise. The Bilingual PR Consultant should have excellent written and verbal French communications skills and a keen sense for what makes compelling news. Our Consultants are responsible for juggling multiple projects simultaneously, such as planning media and experiential events, supporting on influencer campaigns, developing media materials and pitch letters, and participating in digital and social initiatives from community management to content creation. The ideal candidate should have two years PR experience (agency experience preferred).

Day-to-Day Responsibilities include (but not limited to):

  • Establishing and growing relationships with Quebec-based media, bloggers and influencers, pitching stories and securing branded client coverage
  • Monitoring media and industry news, tracking media coverage, reporting metrics and results
  • Supporting teams in the development of innovative, research-based initiatives and programs, and performing research and market analysis, with a focus on the Quebec market
  • Developing and updating Quebec media lists and management of French-speaking media contact database
  • Supporting teams at virtual media and experiential events, activations and media tours
  • Assisting in the development of French media materials including media alerts, press releases, fact sheets, media kits and co-promotion scripts
  • Contributing ideas in company brainstorm sessions, with a focus on the Quebec market
  • Developing client communications and weekly results reports in French, learning how to effectively deliver top client service
  • Conducting social media listening and monitoring using appropriate analytics tools, developing reports and industry insights

We are Original

  • Info, research, and news junkie.
  • Proactively seeks new ways to perform work, with efficiency, best work and account success.
  • With senior support, gains confidence and proficiency in learning when to take risks on account execution related to assigned work.
  • Proactively looks to advance skills and responsibilities. Do more and do better.

We are Trusted

Trust with Internal Team

  • Gains proficiency in ability to "pitch in" to help peers to drive business success.
  • Able to handle differences of opinion, constructive feedback on work output, to deliver results.
  • Identifies learning gaps with peers and interns to be able to help teach skills and mentor.
  • Able to think on one's feet in the face of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Forecasts problems and solutions related to assigned work.
  • Not afraid to ask for help/to ask questions.
  • Seeks out context for work and applies to align work with business strategy for any assignment.
  • Successfully displays leadership abilities in meetings, including agenda setting, keeping on track and follow-ups.
  • Consistently demonstrates proficiency in completing assigned work and projects.
  • Produces thoughtful, error-free work.
  • Consistently raises with senior Talent when resources are lacking to execute assigned work.
  • Works with the mentality of "what does success look like" in every assignment. Recognizes what success means at every stage of account execution and how to work towards this goal.
  • Becomes sounding board for teammates on how to drive results.

Trust with Clients

  • Gains confidence and demonstrates progress successfully communicating with clients.
  • Develops proficiency in juggling multiple projects, clients and competing priorities and requests support when needed.
  • Results-driven.

We are Caring

  • Displays positive attitude.
  • Exhibits composure related to new assignments and learnings, as well as occasions where stretch skills need to be achieved.
  • Does not engage in gossip. Shuts down gossip among peers.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in providing respectful feedback to interns and peers.
  • Recognizes individual and team achievements.
  • Demonstrates ability to evaluate concerns of colleagues to successfully deliver work.

We are Champions for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Respects others.
  • Motivated to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within our agency and within our work.
  • Advances knowledge and sensitivity to the issues involved.
  • Aware of unconscious bias and sensitive to Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity issues.

We are Fun

  • Looks to uplift, bring joy to others, and have a positive outlook.
  • Takes part in TGIF, company recognitions/celebrations and lets their personality shine through.

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