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Victor Anastacio

Chief Financial Officer and Partner

Communications Superpower


Quote of the Day

Positive Mindfulness

What He Brings to the Team

Victor is the corporate officer responsible for the agency’s effective financial management and IT systems. A long-time team member with Strategic Objectives, Victor’s mission is to approach our clients and team with effective solutions that maximize efficiencies, productivity, and budget. He instills a professional, financial approach and mindset throughout Strategic Objectives to help deliver exceptional client-focused account service.

His Origin Story

In his 30 years with the agency, Victor has witnessed a PR and IT revolution. His years in PR have made Victor both left-brained and right-brained; analytical, and creative too. A graduate of York University, Victor spent four years with Sone & Rovet Chartered Accountants before hopping the fence to PR.

How He Spends His Weekends

Victor is a passionate audiophile obsessed with music and high fidelity soundstage reproduction gear. He also loves to cook and enjoys cruising the Caribbean.