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Geneviève Smith

Bilingual Account Coordinator

Gen 01.jpg

Communications Superpower

Verbal Viper

Quote of the Day

"Be worthy of yourself."

What She Brings to the Team

Creative strategy development, clever wordplay, effective writing, dark humour, and a steadfast intensity.

Her Origin Story

Born and raised in the East end of Toronto to a Francophone family, Geneviève studied in French for most of her life. Later choosing to master the English language, she graduated from the University of Toronto as Editor in Chief of a literary journal. Following her graduation, she started a small business, Wordsmith, specializing in professional writing, brand management, and curation, while freelancing and creating community through artist-driven projects.


When she’s not shooting independent films with her partner, she observes a practice of film photography, illustration, animation, and writing. Most often, Gen can be found prowling thrift shops and wardrobe sales, an Americano in hand.