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Katie Allen

Senior Account Director

Communications Superpower

Strategic thinker, client partner, cool head in a crisis, creative direction and expert storyteller

Quote of the Day

"This too shall pass."

What She Brings to the Team

Katie brings a calm presence to the team and leads with empathy. Her passion for insight and telling impactful stories that instigate response, ensures Katie brings something different to each client as she forever asks, “Why.” Skilled in crafting strategy and working with clients to counsel and provide exceptional client service, Katie is expert at thinking on her feet.

Her Origin Story

In the early stages of her career, Katie immersed herself in the intricacies of public relations, where she learned how to collaborate effectively with clients and colleagues working with some of the UK’s most well-known agencies. Each unique challenge enabled Katie to expand her knowledge and become a versatile PR professional. In 2021, Katie made the bold decision to move to Toronto. This marked a significant chapter in her professional life, which she has embraced wholeheartedly. Since arriving in Toronto, Katie has worked with some of Canada’s most distinguished brands in the retail, lifestyle and auto sectors.

How She Spends Her Weekends

At the weekend, you’ll either find Katie outdoors (weather permitting) climbing, cycling, kayaking, skating, skiing, or walking her Cocker Spaniel Zeke. Failing that, she’ll be enjoying a cocktail or glass of wine. An avid traveler, Katie is enjoying seeing everything Canada has to offer.