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Jordan Blumberg

Account Director

Communications Superpower

Project Management & Client Service

Quote of the Day

"Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose."

What She Brings to the Team

Jordan is a seasoned public relations professional with more than six years’ experience working with beauty, lifestyle, and consumer brands.

A dedicated and skilled project manager, her expertise includes media and influencer relations, product launches, and event planning.

Her Origin Story

Long fascinated by what makes news and the stories we see,Jordan followed-up her BA in communications with a post-grad Certificate in PR from Humber College. She kicked off her career in PR collaborating with a wide range of clients in the beauty, lifestyle, CPG, tech, travel and retail industries; and has developed a valuable skillset that she brings to each and every client. Looking for your next brand cheerleader and problem solver? She’s your go to gal!

How She Spends Her Weekends

In her spare time, you'll find Jordan in a spin class or practicing pilates, planning her next trip, or binge watching the latest show on Netflix.