The Ultimate List of Social CEOs on Twitter

UPDATED: November 16, 2015

Never before have Shakespeare’s words, “All the world’s a stage…” been more appropriate! Thanks to the social universe you can now connect the dots with everyone and everything in a matter of seconds.

It’s little wonder then, that Strategic Objectives’ blog post Should CEO’s Tweet? Risks and Rewards attracted mega social pick-up around the world.  The piece detailed some of the up- and downsides of corporate leaders tweeting and lamented that Social CEOs are rare and hard-to-find.  In fact recent research shows that fully 70 per cent of the world’s CEOs have NO presence on any online platform, much less Twitter!

The fact remains, however, there are a goodly number of CEOs around the world on Twitter; and there’s really no better way to tap into their 24/7, non-stop collective stream of social consciousness than a Twitter List.

That’s why our mighty @SO_pr team set out to create the Ultimate List of Social CEOs on Twitter – a new and definitive list, at least for today, of CEOs who tweet. For Part 3, our 10 Commandments for the Social CEO, click here.

The Ultimate List of Social CEOs on Twitter

You can find and follow our Ultimate List of Social CEOs on Twitter here. Please keep reading for some analysis; to review the entire list, all in one place; and to find out who helped us create it.

Why Follow the Leaders? A Social CEO Stream of Consciousness

It’s clear from following this Twitter list that some CEOs tweet way more than others. Our CEO stream of consciousness spans the globe, and includes the famous, such as @Oprah, @rupertmurdoch, @richardbranson and Mark Cuban, @mcuban; and the infamous, such as reality TV star @jefholm, CEO of  People Water, who made a name for himself last year as Emily, The Bachelorette’s fiancé – a fact that is not mentioned in his bio!

It  also features CEOs who are not only the face of their product or service, but whose service is, in fact, their Twitter account – such as @mashable’s Pete Cashmore, @timoreilly, CEO of O’Reilly Media, and @markraganCEO of Ragan’s PR Daily.

The Ultimate List of Social CEOs on Twitter is as diverse as the people on it. As a whole it presents a unique view from the top of the corporate ladder. You will see that CEOs’ individual Twitter styles are very different – some converse and engage, others broadcast one-way. Some offer personal info like “I’m meeting (fill in name of celebrity) for breakfast,” others give stock tips, or promote their latest book or product. The individuals on this list present a rare, unedited glimpse into the business world, something impossible before Twitter made its indelible mark on the social landscape.

On With the Show!

Without further ado, here’s the list, ordered by follower count. At the very end of this stream you’ll find our Social CEO Stream of Consciousness – a constantly updating stream of CEO tweets. Enjoy!

1   Oprah Winfrey  @Oprah  (24,518,272 followers)   – CEO of OWN

2   Bill Gates   @billgates   (16,282,164 followers)   – CEO of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
Bio: Sharing things I’m learning through my foundation work and other interests…

3   Richard Branson   @richardbranson (4,230,000   followers)   – CEO of Virgin Group     Bio: Tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin!

  Tony Hsieh   @tonyhsieh   (2,802,987 followers)   – CEO of     Bio:

5   Donald J. Trump     @realDonaldTrump (2,620,635   followers)   – CEO of Trump Organization
Bio: The official Twitter profile for Donald Trump

6   Jack Dorsey   @jack   (2,591,787 followers)   – CEO of Intellectual Ventures  

7   Mark Cuban   @mcuban   (2,263,917 followers)   – CEO of Intellectual Ventures     Bio: Cyber Dust ID: blogmaverick

  Tim O’Reilly   @timoreilly (1,774,163   followers)   – CEO of O’Reilly Media     Bio: Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, helping the future unfold.

9   Ivanka Trump    @IvankaTrump   (1,611,232  followers)  – CEO of  Ivanka Trump Apparel and Accessories    Bio: American wife, mother and entrepreneur

10   Kevin Rose   @kevinrose (1,461,073   followers)   – Former CEO of Digg     Bio: Partner at Google Ventures. Board member at the Tony Hawk Foundation. Founder of @digg, @revision3. Husband of @summertomato :)

11   Jack Welch   @jack_welch (1,429,986   followers)   – Founder of Jack Welch Management Institute        Bio: Author, Commentator, and Executive Chairman of the Jack Welch Management Institute, a business school offering an MBA at Strayer University.

12   Guy Kawasaki   @GuyKawasaki (1,404,785   followers)   – CEO of Alltop     Bio: Chief evangelist of Canva.

13   Anand Mahindra   @anandmahindra (1,236,589   followers)   – CEO of Mahindra Group     Bio: Chairman and Managing Director, Mahindra Group

14   Dick Costolo   @dickc   (1,198,219 followers)   – CEO of Twitter    Bio:  CEO at Twitter

15   Amy Martin   @AmyJoMartin (1,177,533   followers)   – CEO of Digital Royalty     Bio: NY Times Best Selling Author & Founder of @DigitalRoyalty. Innovation Advocate. Fearless snowboarder :  Speaking:

16   Gary Vaynerchuk   @garyvee   (1,061,331 followers)   – CEO of VaynerMedia     Bio: Family 1st! but after that, Businessman. Just a dude who Loves the Hustle, People & the @NYJets. CEO of @vaynermedia. Tasted wine for years at @winelibrary

17   Tony Fernandes   @tonyfernandes (957,972   followers)   – CEO of AirAsia     Bio: GCEO of AirAsia, Founder of Tune Group, Chairman of QPR , Chairman of Caterham Group.

18   Warren Buffet   @WarrenBuffett (842,639   followers)   – CEO of Berkshire Hathaway     Bio: Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

19     Geoff De Weaver     @geoff_deweaver     (832000  followers)  – CEO of Touchpoint     Bio: Geoff De Weaver CEO of Touchpoint Entertainment | Streaming | Social Business | Digital | Author | Top 1% LinkedIn, Klout +Kred | Top 100 Tech Influencer | NYC

20   Eric Schmidt   @ericschmidt (823,619   followers)   – Former CEO of Google     Bio: Executive Chairman & former CEO

21   Michael Dell   @MichaelDell (816,259   followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Self employed
Public ’88, Private ’13

22   Elon Musk   @elonmusk     (729,675 followers)   – CEO of Tesla and SpaceX      Bio: Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity & PayPal

23    John Legere   @JohnLegere    (719,894  followers)  – CEO of T-Mobile     Bio: T-Mobile CEO

24   Steve Case   @stevecase   (658,888 followers)   – CEO of Revolution, Former CEO of AOL        Bio: Co-founder of AOL; now Chairman of Case Foundation and Revolution (LivingSocial, Zipcar, Exclusive Resorts, Everyday Health, FedBid, Miraval, etc)

25  Marissa Mayer   @marissamayer (600,508   followers)   – CEO of Yahoo!     Bio:  @ Yahoo!

26   Chad Hurley   @chad_hurley (545,898   followers)   – Former CEO of YouTube, CEO of AVOS       Bio: Co-Founder, @YouTube; CEO,@MixBitApp.

27   Tim Cook @tim_cook (521,411 followers)   – CEO of Apple     Bio: CEO Apple, Fan of Auburn football and Duke basketball

28   Rupert Murdoch   @RupertMurdoch (507,919   followers)   – CEO of News Corporation

29   Fred Cueller   @FredCuellar (478,202   followers)   – CEO of Diamond Cutters International     Bio: Founder/CEO Of Diamond Cutters International, Author, Inventor, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, Grateful

30   Jacqueline Novogratz   @jnovogratz (477,996   followers)   – CEO of Acumen Fund     Bio: Founder/CEO of Acumen (@acumen) , dedicated to changing the way the world tackles poverty/author of The Blue Sweater (

31   Aaron Lee   @AskAaronLee (471,108   followers)         Bio: Grand Master of Customer Delight @PostPlanner Average joe, introvert but loves engaging online, avid cappuccino drinker.

32   Dave Morin   @davemorin (402,863   followers)   – CEO of Path     Bio: Small town guy.

33   Ted Coine   @tedcoine   (357,952 followers)   – CEO of Coiné Language School     Bio: Co-Founder: Switch and Shift. Host: Human Side TV. Co-Author: A World Gone Social (Aug ’14) Follow-back policy:  (No DMs pls) #humanbiz

34   Charles Garcia   @charlespgarcia (343,500   followers)   – CEO of Garcia Trujillo LLC     Bio: Committed to the Latino community. Write op-eds for CNN, FoxNews & Huffington Post. Passions: soccer, surfing, and my four kids.

35   Matt Flannery   @mattflannery (297,590   followers)   – CEO of      Bio:  co-founder and board member  co-founder and board member

36   Tristan Walker   @tristanwalker   (284,063  followers)  – CEO of Walker & Co.    Bio: founder & ceo of walker & company brands (@walkercobrands). Our flagship brand is @bevel. founder / chairman @CODE2040. i do some other stuff too.

37   Chris Brogan   @chrisbrogan   (283,567   followers)   – CEO of Human Business Works      Bio:  Advisor & business strategist. Publisher,  More?  . contact:

38   Skip Prichard   @skipprichard (25,7100   followers)   – CEO of     Bio:  Growth-oriented CEO. Blog: Leadership Insights & interviews with #authors. (Note: I miss most DM’s). Views are mine only. Tweets do not = endorsement.

39   Elizabeth Hamilton   @BestEverYou (25,5115   followers)   – CEO and Founder of BestEverYou     Bio:  Mom of 4 Boys | @HayHouse Author PERCOLATE – Let Your Best Self Filter Through | CEO/Founder/#BestEverYou

40   John Battelle   @johnbattelle (251,175   followers)   – Former CEO of Federated Media Puishing    Bio:  A Founder of sovrn, Federated Media, NewCo/OpenCo, Web 2 Summit, Wired, Industry Standard; writer on Media, Technology, Culture, Business

41   Howard Lindzon   @howardlindzon (24,4167   followers)   – CEO of Stocktwits     Bio:  Chairman/Co-Founder of Stocktwits.. GP of Social Leverage (Angel), Wallstrip creator (purchased by$CBS), Momentum, Stocks, Stock Market & LOL hunter.. Love Popcorn

42   Meg Whitman   @MegWhitman (235,909   followers)   – CEO of Hewlett-Packard

43   Jef Holm     @jefholm (232,773 followers)   – CEO of PeopleWater     Bio:  IG: @jefholm Contact:

44     Daymond John     @TheSharkDaymond     (227,469  followers)  – CEO of FUBU     Bio: *Fashion Mogul *Keynote Speaker *Brand Architect *ABC SHARK *Blessed with Dyslexia

45   Michael Hyatt   @MichaelHyatt (222,605   followers)   – Former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers     Bio:  Author of New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Founder of . Forbes Top 10 Online Marketing Experts (2014).

46   Satya Nadella   @satyanadella (216,997   followers)   – CEO of Microsoft Corporation     Bio:  CEO of Microsoft Corporation

47   Pam Moore   @PamMktgNut (210,619   followers)  –  CEO of Marketing Nutz     Bio:  50% mktg 50% geek CEO @MktgNutz entrepreneur social business consultant, speaker author lover of God Friends Beach & Life! Forbes TOP 10 Social Media Influencer

48  Lori Greiner   @lorigreiner (209,059   followers)   – CEO of For Your Ease Only       Bio:  Inventor/Entrepreneur/Author 120 patents, 400+ products. Clever & Unique Creations on @QVC. Shark on ABC’s #SharkTank. Order my new book

49   Frank Feather   @BizTrends    (207,196  followers)  – CEO of StratEDGY Inc.   Bio: ►CEO, StratEDGY Inc. ►Board Advisory + Interim CEO ►BizTrends & Transformation ►Keynote Speaker on Super-Boom 2025, Digitization, Innovation, e-Consumers, China

50   Robert Herjavec   @robertherjavec (202,489   followers)   – CEO of Herjavec Group     Bio: Dad, Husband, Founder of Herjavec Group, Former Dragon and current Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, Bestselling Author, Race Car Driver

51   Tod Sacerdoti   @todsacerdoti (191,228   followers)  – CEO of BrightRoll     Bio: CEO / Founder, BrightRoll

52   Jason Calacanis   @Jason   (190,529 followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Angel investor (@uber + ) // Writer // Dad // Founder:@Engadget,, @LAUNCH & @twistartups

53   Michael Arrington   @arrington (186,542   followers)   – CEO of TechCrunch     Bio: Be Excellent To Each Other

54   Jeremy Stoppelman   @jeremys   (174,878 followers)    – CEO of Yelp     Bio: Co-founder and CEO of Yelp

55   Yongmaan Park   @solarplant (167,843   followers)  – CEO of Doosan Group     Bio: Chairman & CEO/ Doosan Group

56   Thubten     @thubten (165,540 followers)   – CEO of WePost Media     Bio: Author, Speaker, Founder, Mentor, Publisher, Podcaster, Meditator, Post-Vegan, Portland Foodist, Tibetan Buddhist, CEO of WePost Media.

57   Randi Zuckerberg   @randizuckerberg (163,722   followers)   – CEO of Zuckerberg Media     Bio: Formerly marketing at Facebook. Currently founder /CEO of Zuckerberg Media, editor of wired lifestyle community @DotComplicated & author!

58   Barry Libert   @barrylibert (163,407   followers)   – CEO of  Open Matters     Bio: Digital Board Member | Strategic Advisor | Angel Investor

59   Micky Arison   @MickyArison (160,348   followers)   – CEO of  Carnival Corp and PLC       Bio: Chairman of Carnival Corp & PLC. Managing General Partner of the @MiamiHEAT

60   Tom Bedecarre   @tombed   (157,364 followers)    – CEO of AKQA     Bio: Co-Founder & Chairman of AKQA, the leading global digital marketing and technology services firm. President of WPP Ventures.

61   John Lilly   @johnolilly (155,025   followers)   – Former CEO of Mozilla     Bio: Partner @ Greylock, former CEO @ Mozilla, dad, husband, son, nerd

62   Jeremy Shoemaker   @shoemoney   (154,796 followers)   – CEO of ShoeMoney Capital     Bio: Hi – I am Jeremy Schoemaker. Husband, Father, Author, Blogger, Managing Partner Of ShoeMoney Capital

63   Jeff Barrett   @BarrettAll (153,944   followers)   – CEO of Status Creative      Bio: CEO @StatusCreative | @Forbes Top 50 | Writer @Technorati @BusinessInsider #1 Ad Exec | Once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. #BareItAll

64   Baratunde   @baratunde   (153,766 followers)   – CEO of Cultivated Wit     Bio: CEO/co-founder @cultivatedwit. author#howtobeblack. formerly @theonion. my tweets represent your employer’s opinion

65   James Caan   @jamescaan   (152,353  followers)  – CEO of  Hamilton Bradshaw     Bio: Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of @HBPRivateEquity, Chairman of @StartUpLoansUK, Philanthropist and former Dragon!

66   Jeff Booth   @JeffBooth (150,214   followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Entrepreneur, YPO member and proud family man. Founder and CEO of .

67   Gary Stockman   @GaryStockman (146,598   followers)   – Former CEO of Porter Novelli    Bio:  Consultant who operates at the intersection of business strategy, marketing and customer experience. Pre-Netscape social media geek. Former PR agency CEO.6

68   Rob Howard   @robhoward (140,695   followers)   – CEO of St. Michael’s Hospital     Bio: Building a little bit of your collaborative internet everyday@zimbra

69   Jeff Weiner   @jeffweiner (140,000   followers)   – CEO of Linkedin     Bio: CEO at LinkedIn

70   Richard Darell   @Minervity   (136,186 followers)   – CEO of Bit Rebels     Bio: Founder & CEO – Bit Rebels (@bitrebels) – Computer Geek, Social Media Fanatic, Loves everything larger than a byte.

71   Richard Rosenblatt   @demandrichard (136,096   followers)   – CEO of Demand Media     Bio: Private and Public company internet entrepreneur and executive Let’s talk business, social, and whatever is interesting at that moment

72   Jason Fried   @JasonFried (135,752   followers)   – CEO of 37signals     Bio: Founder & CEO at Base camp (formerly known as 37 signals). Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, and REMOTE.

73   Laura Fitton   @Pistachio (134,787   followers)   – CEO of OneForty       Bio: Deeply silly. Fiercely optimistic. Makes things happen from scratch. Homesteady. Inbound Evangelist@HubSpot. Priors: @oneforty | Twitter for @Dummies

74   G. Kalyana Sundaram   @dollars5   (128,845 followers)   – CEO of Great Innovus       Bio: Web Apps & Niche web services development. I tweet about technology, internet, programming, fun & more!

75   Thom Rainer   @ThomRainer (126,141 followers)   – CEO of LifeWay       Bio: President and CEO of LifeWay. Husband of Nellie Jo. Father of Sam, Art, and Jess. Granddad of Canon, Maggie, Nathaniel, Will, Harper, Bren, and Joshua.

76     Eugene Kaspersky     @e_kaspersky     (125,673 followers)  – CEO of Kaspersky Lab     Bio: Chairman and CEO of #Kaspersky Lab. Waging war against #malware for 25 years. #Infosec, #cybercrime, #cyberwar. Views are my own.

77   Mike Young     @MikeYoung (121,327   followers)   – CEO of Human Performance Consulting         Bio: @AthleticLab Owner. Strength/Speed Coach. Former Fitness Coach of #WhitecapsFC. Sport Scientist. Entrepreneur. Coach Educator. Fitness Enthusiast.

78   Tim Young     @timyoung (120,404 followers)   – CEO of Socialcast       Bio: Entrepreneur – Orphid. Former CEO & Founder of Socialcast (acquired by VMware) | Co-founder of (acquired by AOL). Morning DJ for@Liz_Mansfield

79   Daniel Zeevi   @DanielZeevi (119,341   followers)   – CEO of DashBurstf       Bio: Social Media Scientist, Speaker, Writer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer and CEO @dashburst

80   Anita Campbell   @smallbiztrends (119,000   followers)   – CEO of Small Business Trends & BizSugar    Bio: Tweets from the Small Business Trends community and its CEO, Anita Campbell. Also, CEO of @BizSugar. A Forbes Top Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs.

81   Loic Le Meur     @loic   (117,955 followers)   – CEO of Seesmic       Bio: LeWeb. Loves kitesurfing and running!

82   Bill Gross     @bill_gross (115,769   followers)   – CEO of IdeaLab      Bio: Founder of Technology Incubator Idealab and 100 companies in last 30 years. Tweeting while on my quest for learning in life and at conferences.

83   Lori Ruff   @loriruff   (110,467 followers)   – Social CEO of I Am Social Media        Bio: Chief Brand Evangelist @ALPFANational Advocating Transformative Change ★ Forbes Top 50 Influencer #SocialMediaMarketing ★ #GreatContent  #RockTheWorldw/LinkedIn

84   David J. Morris   @coffeemaverick (110,186   followers)   – CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters       Bio: David J. Morris CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Entrepreneur, Stuntman, Husband, Father, Servant & Conservative. but lover of ALL people! God Bless Everyone!

85   Joseph Jett   @JosephJett (107,769   followers)   – CEO of Jett Capital Management       Bio: Father, CEO, Author, Speaker, Harvard MBA, MIT MS BS  Private Equity, Intl. Corporate Finance, Expert Witness, Reputation Management

86   Marc Benioff   @Benioff   (107,000 followers)     – CEO of Salesforce       Bio:

87   Victor Teslenko     @UniBulCEO     (103,000  followers)     Bio:  UniBul Merchant Services provides credit card acceptance solutions to US-based businesses and non-profit organizations.

88   Aaron Levie   @levie   (103,000 followers)   – CEO of Box       Bio: Lead Magician (and CEO) at Box (@boxHQ); Huge ABBA fan. I don’t fully endorse anything I say below. Go ☁

89   Jeremy Gutsche   @jeremygutsche (102,000 followers)   – CEO of       Bio: CEO at Trend Hunter (@trendhunter), award-winning author of Exploiting Chaos, rule breaker and keynote speaker (

90  Cory Torrella   @MarketingCory   (100,339  followers)  – Founder of  Better Auds   Bio: Founder @BetterAuds providing Audience Development as a fully managed, people-based #Marketing solution. Follow for advanced marketing strategy.

91     Charlene Li     @charleneli     (99,364  followers)  – CEO of Altimeter Group     Bio: Founder, Altimeter Group. Author, Open Leadership. Co-author, Groundswell. Spouse, mom, daughter, sister.

92  Josh Brown   @ReformedBroker   (98,876 followers)  – CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management     Bio: Chairman of the Twitter Federal Reserve Author of ‘Clash of the Financial Pundits’, star of CNBC’s The Halftime Report, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management

93   Jamie Crager   @JamieCrager   (96,397 followers)   – CEO of Crowdshifter & Blazefly       Bio: Serial Chips & Salsa Eater | Love Humans, Coffee, Football & My Grill | Married a Canadian | CEO Crowdshifter & blazefly | Co-Author next Facebook AIO 4 Dummies

94   Eve Mayer   @LinkedInQueen (92,792 followers)   – CEO of Social Media Delivered       Bio: Eve Mayer is Author of 2014 book Get It Girl Guide to Online Dating & Sextiquette. CEO of Social Media Delivered. Author of The Social Media Business Equation.

95  Christian Wolferts   @chriswolferts  (86,932  followers)  – CEO of  SIGER Trade   Bio: World citizen, father, runner, hobby photographer. CEO of SIGER Trade: , @wisedock Co-founder. Sustainability. Diabetes r&d.

96   Neal Schaffer   @NealSchaffer (86,207 followers)   – CEO of Maximize Social Business        Bio: Author, @MaxYourSocial | Founder@msocialbusiness | Trilingual Social Media Strategy Consultant, Coach, and Speaker | 日米ソーシャルメディア専門家|G+: …

97   Mark Johnson   @MJohnsonLoyalty (85,586   followers)   – CEO of Loyalty 360       Bio: President and CEO – Loyalty 360 – . Passion for Loyalty Marketing is only exceeded by the passion for my family & Denver Broncos Football

98   Bryan Kramer     @bryankramer (80,923   followers)   – CEO of PureMatter      Bio:  Bryan Kramer- CEO @PureMatter #SiliconValley. Author Human to Human, #H2H. @Forbes @HuffingtonPost Top 50 Global Social CEO. Top 100 Influential Tech People

99   Steve Forbes     @SteveForbesCEO (80,427   followers)   – CEO of Forbes Media      Bio:  Chairman & Editor-In Chief, Forbes Media. Co-Author of MONEY: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy–and what we can do about it.

100   Marcelo Claure   @MarceloClaure   (79,242  followers)  – CEO of Sprint     Bio: Sprint Chief Executive Officer

101   George D. Bousis      @Gbousis   (78,631  followers)  – CEO of     Bio: Founder, CEO of  – Entrepreneur – Investor – Technologist

102   Robert Caruso   @Fondalo   (77,640 followers)   – Former CEO of Bundle Post       Bio: Dad, Friend, Geek. I Tweet about Social Media, Marketing, Tech. Lover of Coffee! Former Cofounder of @Bundlepost

103   Megan Ellison   @meganeellison   (77,408  followers)  – CEO of Annapurna Pictures   Bio: Life is far too important a thing to talk about seriously

104   Meghan M. Biro     @MeghanMBiro (73,141   followers)   – CEO of TalentCulture         Bio: CEO @TalentCulture #TChat Wed 6:30-8pmET Contributor @EntMagazine @Forbes @HuffingtonPost Top Ranked #Leadership #Socbiz #HR Expert Twitter

105   Faisal Hoque   @Faisal_Hoque (73,086   followers)   – CEO of BTM Corp and BTM Institute 
Bio: #Entrepreneur @ShadokaVentures  | #Author of Everything Connects [ ] | Contributor @FastCompany@HuffingtonPost

106   Dennis Crowley   @dens   (72,855 followers)   – CEO of Foursquare       Bio: I like snowboards, foursquare and unemployment.

107 Mark Zuckerberg @MarkZuckerbergF (72,000 followers) – CEO of Facebook      Bio: Facebook Co-founder, CEO and President of Facebook, Net worth US$6.9 billion (2010)

108   Drew Houston   @drewhouston (71,800   followers)   – CEO of Dropbox       Bio: Founder/CEO of Dropbox

109   Mark Ragan   @MarkRaganCEO (71,068   followers)   – CEO of Ragan Communications       Bio: CEO of Ragan Communications. Publisher of @PRDaily@RaganComms, @RaganHealth, HR Communication. Visit our events calendar here.

110   Craig Newmark     @craignewmark (68,742   followers)   – CEO of Craigslist      Bio: Customer service rep & founder for craigslist & craigconnects. Media inquiries please email:

111     Jason Hansen  @OutdoorsCEO     (67,782  followers)  – CEO of Outdoors, Inc.     Bio: ABOUT ME: Jason Hansen CEO of Outdoors, Inc. Outdoors!!! #hunting #muledeer #whitetail #elk #bear #America #patriot #politics #religion #2A #outdoors

112   Marco Arment   @marcoarment (66,753   followers)   – CEO of Instapaper and The Magazine       Bio: Wild about promoting small businesses & women’s health/wealth. Obsessed with my weekly Good Morning America segments. Proud of my #1 NYT bestseller, THE SHIFT.

113    Jeffrey Hayzlett   @jeffreyhayzlett (66,101   followers)   – CEO of The Hayzlett Group       Bio: Host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett on @BloombergTV

114   Rick Seaney     @rickseaney (65,074   followers)   – CEO of       Bio: CEO of @FareCompare. Passionate about helping people find air travel deals – owning the worlds largest database of current and historical airfares helps.

115   George Huba   @DrHubaEvaluator (64,476   followers)   – Retired CEO of The Measurement Group       Bio: retired evaluator health/soc services; psychologist; research: aging, healthcare, drug abuse, HIV, mental health, mind maps; fmr CEO The Measurement Group; PhD

116   Michelle Rhee   @MichelleRhee (64,112   followers)   – CEO of StudentsFirst       Bio: Fighting to ensure that every child has equal access to great schools & great teachers. @StudentsFirst Founder. Former D.C. Public Schools Chancellor.

117   Shira Lazar   @shiralazar    (63,498   followers)   – CEO of What’s Trending       Bio: Media Empress, Co-Founder/CEO/Host @whatstrending  follow on snapchat shiralazar

118   Tory Johnson     @toryjohnson (63,309   followers)   – CEO of Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle       Bio: Wild about promoting small businesses & women’s health/wealth. Obsessed with my weekly Good Morning America segments. Proud of my #1 NYT bestseller, THE SHIFT.

119   Pete Cashmore   @petecashmore (63,270   followers)   – CEO of @Mashable       Bio: CEO and Founder of . Professional account is @mashable

120   Kevin Systrom   @kevin   (62,600 followers)   – CEO & Co-founder at Instagram      Bio: C eo & cofounder at instagram

121   Steve Woda ‏   @SteveWoda (60,300   followers)   – CEO of       Bio: CEO & Co-founder of uKnow. Founder of buySAFE. Entrepreneur. Mobile & Internet Safety & Security. eCommerce. Economics. Wharton MBA.

122   Michael Sim    @ChicagoDesign     (58,926  followers)  – CEO of  Sociafy     Bio: Subtly charming craftsman of conversation | #SocialMedia Consultant & Strategist | #Blogger | Designer | Harbinger of Hashtags | CEO @Sociafy

123    Blake Mycoskie    @BlakeMycoskie    (58,861  followers)  – CEO of Toms    Bio: Chief Shoe Giver and Founder of TOMS. One for One.

124   Angela Ahrendts   @AngelaAhrendts (57,600   followers)   – Former CEO at Burberry     Bio: Senior Vice President, Apple Retail. Inspired by great people, great brands and great companies.

125   Shervin Pishevar   @shervin   (57,400 followers)   – CEO of Sherpa Foundry         Bio:  GP @Sherpa, Advisor & Board Observer @Uber. Investor @Uber,@MachineZone@WarbyParker,@Munchery@Tumblr@Fab. Co-Founder @Webs, SGN, WebOS.Crown Fellow 2014.

126   Brian Tomkins   @BrianTomkins (55,300   followers)   – CEO of Amplibuzz, CEO of Focused Online Marketing, LLC    Bio: Chicago-based Marketing & PR pro specializing in sports marketing, corporate event promotions & securing sponsorships across the U.S.

127   Stephen Elop   @selop   (55,100 followers)     – Former CEO of Nokia       Bio: EVP, Microsoft Devices Group

128   Don Tapscott   @dtapscott (54,400   followers)   – CEO of Tapscott Group     Bio: Author (most recent book Macrowikinomics), consulting company CEO, Hammond B3 player. U of Toronto, Rotman School Professor. Chancellor Trent University.

129   Brian Chesky    @bchesky   (54,016  followers)  – CEO of Airbnb     Bio: Co-founder, CEO of Airbnb

130  Rick Ross   @rickross10 (53,400   followers)   – CEO of Ross Innovation Inc.     Bio: CEO people-centric business and technology company. Expertise: Innovation | IT | Leadership

131   Mitchell Levy   @happyabout (52,500   followers)   – CEO of THiNKaha       Bio: We make it easy to create and share content so that organizations can turn their experts into recognized thought leaders. Creator of the

132  Matt Singley   @mattsingley (52,300   followers)   – CEO of Singley + Mackie         Bio: CEO @singleymackie Full-service digital marketing for global entertainment & lifestyle companies. Love my wife,kids & bike. [c] = material connection.

133   R Ray Wang   @rwang0   (52,100 followers)   – CEO of Constellation Research, Inc.       Bio: Constellation Research Founder, Provocateur, Keynoter, Disruptive Tech, Innovation, Biz Model Strategy, Author, Contract Negotiator Dominate Digital Disruption!

134   Simon Mainwaring   @simonmainwaring (51,800   followers)   – CEO of We First       Bio: CEO We First Inc, author NYT’s bestseller We First, strategic corporate consultant and trainer, father, Australian, optimist, join us at

135   Ryan Holmes     @invoker   (51,800 followers)   – CEO of Hootsuite       Bio: CEO @hootsuite, Founder @invoke. I like social, startups, grownups, cycling, am learning to walk on hands and addicted to yoga. #BSU.

136   Bre Pettis   @bre   (51,138 followers)   – CEO of MakerBot Industries     Bio: Founder – Bold Machines, the innovation workshop at Stratasys. Former CEO MakerBot. Founder Thingiverse and NYCResistor. Former videographer and school teacher.

137   Mark Pincus   @markpinc   (50,400 followers)   – CEO of Zynga       Bio: Chairman and founder, zynga. Investor (fb, twitter, brightmail). Father of two amazing girls.

138   Julie Fredrickson   @AlmostMedia (49,561 followers)  – Founder of Stowaway   Bio: CEO & Co-Founder of @Stowaway with the inimitable @Chelsa. Fiancée to @AlexLMiller. Formerly @AnnTaylor @PopSugar @Shopstyle via @Coutorture

139  Edward Relf   @EdRelf (48,608 followers)  – Founder of Laundrapp   Bio: Award Winning Digital Entrepreneur, Executive, Digital Marketer & Active Investor.

140   Christine Perkett     @missusP   (48,400 followers)   – CEO of PerkittPR       Bio: CEO @seedepthinc SaaS analytics to#measurePR | Investor; Advisor | Write @Forbes @_workingmother_ | Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer | Forbes Marketer to Follow

141   Esther Dyson   @edyson   (47,900 followers)   – CEO of HICCup      Bio:  Internet court jEsther — I occupy Esther Dyson. Founder @HICCup_co

142   Daniel Ek   @eldsjal   (47,100 followers)   – CEO of Spotify       Bio: Father, CEO and Founder of Spotify

143   Dr. Kelly Senholz   @MtnMD   (46,600 followers)   – CEO of OSL Medical       Bio: M.D., CEO OSL Medical, Serving patients and medical community to improve health care.Top 100 Twitter Accounts For Healthcare Professionals To Follow

144   Dave Kerpen   @DaveKerpen (45,000   followers)   – CEO of Likeable Media       Bio: Dad. Husband 2 @CarrieKerpen. CEO @LikeableLocal. Founder @LikeableMedia. NYTimes bestselling author @LikeableBook. Columnist @INC @LinkedIn #SocialMedia #Mets

145     Chris Wanstrath   @defunkt    (43,300  followers)  – CEO of GitHub     Bio: GitHub Co-Founder & CEO

146     Oguz Serdar   @OguzSerdar     (43,298  followers)  – Co-founder of  Limk     Bio: co-founder of @Limk, smarter content recommendations. Self taught, full stack developer since junior high. Judge @StartUpChile. Formerly writer @TheNextWeb.

147   Jonah Peretti   @peretti   (42,700 followers)   – CEO of Buzzfeed      Bio: Founder/CEO, BuzzFeed

148   Josh James     @joshjames (42,400   followers)   – CEO of Domo      Bio: Domo Founder/CEO. Omniture CEO & Co-founder–inception to IPO to $1.8B sale. 6 daughters.

149   Travis Kalanick     @travisk   (41,200 followers)   – CEO of Uber    Bio:  Uber CEO. Serial entrepreneur.

150   Brit Morin     @brit   (40,700 followers)   – CEO of Brit + Co    Bio:  Founder & CEO of Brit + Co. Author of Homemakers. Maker, geek, designer, wife and mom. Believes in color, not black and white. Fave mantra: Live what you love.

151   Loui     @ByrdziakLoui   (40,100 followers)   – CEO of Drip    Bio: CEO & Founder Drip | Startup Guru | Sports Fanatic | Brand Activist | Media | Freak Entrepreneur | Software Developer | Business Incubator | Freestyle Skier

152   Bob Parsons     @DrBobParsons (38,916   followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Founder of @GoDaddy, CEO of@GoAZMoto, @HDofScottsdale@STHD& @SpookyFast. US Marine, Hunter. NOT a real doc.

153   Mireille Ryan   @MireilleRyan (38,600   followers)   – CEO of Health Guru     Bio:  #CEO. Award winning #entrepreneurcoach and #mentor, #social media and personal branding strategist, ,

154   Sophia Amoruso    @Sophia_Amoruso    (38,400  followers)  – CEO of Nasty Gal    Bio: Founder, CEO & Chief Troublemaker @NastyGal. NYT bestselling author of #GIRLBOSS. The Choice of a Lost Generation.

155   David Karp   @DavidKarp (38,000   followers)   – CEO of Tumblr     Bio: First ever Tumblr blogger

156   Eran Eyal     @EranEyal (37,800   followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Founder & CEO of @Springleap. Ideas man with passion for design, people & tech. Friend. Brother. Son. ˆˆ Hat Wearer ˆˆ –

157   Brian Halligan   @bhalligan (37,800   followers)   – CEO of HubSpot    Bio:  CEO @HubSpot, Author of Inbound Marketing book, MIT Sr. Lecturer.

158   Marsha Friedman   @marshafriedman (37,100   followers)   – CEO of EMSI     Bio: 24 Year #PR Veteran – CEO & Founder of @EMSIPR, The Pay for Performance Public Relations Firm – #Author of ‘Celebritize Yourself’ – Public Speaker – Radio Host

159   Gerardo Briones   @Briones2   (36,100 followers)   – CEO of Promogroup     Bio: Founder & CEO @_Promogroup_, an international multi-media company. Passionate about BSS, Social Media, Cars, Gadgets & Sports…

160   Joel Gascoigne   @joelgascoigne   (35,700   followers)   – CEO of Buffer     Bio: Co-founder and CEO at @buffer. Focused on lean startup, user happiness, transparency & company culture. Love building habits, fitness and traveling.

161   Dan Martell   @danmartell (35,400   followers)   – CEO of Clarity     Bio: CEO / Founder of . Angel investor . Passions#product #design #marketing

162   Amy D. Howell   @HowellMarketing (35,300   followers)   – CEO of Howell Marketing Strategies       Bio: CEO; #PR & Crisis PR; Author@WomenInHighGear on Amazon. Wife, Mom, Investor @4MemphisMag; God lover #BA75; TN river rat; RHODES grad

163   Brent Hoberman   @brenthoberman (35,200   followers)   – Cofounder of  
Bio: Cofounder, , founders forum,profounderscapital, non exec:gmg,talktalk,easycar,shazam+ eton

164   Ragy Thomas   @ragythomas (35,046   followers)          Bio: Social Media / Email Marketer. Founder & CEO: Sprinklr, Ex-President Epsilon Interactive. LinkedIn:ragythomas

165   Nancy Duarte     @nancyduarte (34,600   followers)   – CEO of Duarte Design      Bio: CEO and author. Passionate about persuasion and visual stories used in business. Love hugs from hubby, 3 kids and grandoggies

166   Daniel Newman     @danielnewmanUV (34,200   followers)   – CEO of Broadsuite        Bio: Founder #CEO @Broadsuite V3B |@Huffpost @Forbes @Entrepreneur Contributor | MBA | Biz Prof | Founder@millennialCEO | Husband to 1 Father of 2.#Socialbiz #cmo

167   Gini Dietrich   @ginidietrich (33,900   followers)   – CEO of Arment Dietrich      Bio: CEO Arment Dietrich. Author@spinsucks, blog and book. Co-author Marketing in the Round. Speaker. Avid cyclist. A foodie. Loves shoes & wine.

168   Andrew Mason   @andrewmason (33,600   followers)   – CEO of Groupon     

169   Saul Klein   @cape   (33,300 followers)   – Partner at Index Ventures     Bio: Husband. Dad. Entrepreneur (Firefly, Lovefilm, Skype, Seedcamp, Kano, Exodus). Investor (TAG, Index). Operator (Telegraph, Ogilvy, Microsoft).

170   Audrick Kramer   @audrickkramer (32,300   followers)   – CEO of TechPayout     Bio: Principle, Consultant at @StrategyNYC – Connect with me for all your social media and web development needs!

171   David Sacks     @DavidSacks (32,200   followers)   – CEO of Yammer     Bio: User Psychologist, Product CEO. Produced Yammer, PayPal, Thank You For Smoking.

172   Nova Spivack   @novaspivack (32,100   followers)   – CEO of    Bio:  CEO of  – Serial entrepreneur, social media maven & venture producer. Bio:

173  Wempy Dyocta Koto   @wempydyoctakoto (30,900   followers)   – CEO of Wardour And Oxford   
Bio: Entrepreneur. Venture Capitalist. Host of The Inspiration Sessions.

174   Eric Roach   @veroach   (30,730 followers)   – CEO of EveryoneSocial     Bio: CEO and Co-founder of EveryoneSocial. Love startups, content marketing, social advocacy platforms, social selling, earned media, social media and the outdoors

175     Leerom Segal     @leeromsegal     (30038  followers)  – CEO of Klick Health     Bio: Co-founder & CEO @KlickHealth, Co-author @decodedcompany (Portfolio/Penguin – late Feb 2014)

176   Janet Fouts   @jfouts   (29,200 followers)   – CEO of Tatu Digital Media     Bio: Social biz strategist, CEO, speaker, author, Mac fangurl. I tweet about social media, marketing, nonprofits, food, travel, wine + my horse. Opinions mine.

177   Sean Ellis   @SeanEllis (29,100   followers)   – CEO/Founder of Qualaroo and Growth Hackers
Bio: CEO/Founder Qualaroo and . First marketer at Dropbox, Lookout, Xobni, LogMeIn (IPO), and Uproar (IPO).

178   Rieva Lesonsky   @Rieva   (28,900 followers)   – CEO of GrowBizMedia &
Bio: CEO GrowBiz Media & Small business advocate, journalist, best-selling author. Former editorial director of Entrepreneur magazine (20+ yrs).

179   Stacy Donovan Zapar   @StacyZapar (28,900   followers)   – CEO of Tenfold Social Training  
Bio: Recruiting Strategist & Chief Trainer at Tenfold Social Training  Social Recruiting, Sourcing & Employer Branding at @Zappos @InsideZappos #lovemyjob

180   Mark Babbitt     @YouTernMark (28,500   followers)   – CEO of YouTern     Bio: CEO & Founder of @YouTern; start-up guy; father of 5, grandfather, and husband to a woman who tolerates me (barely). Author, blogger, speaker, and mentor.

181   Tim Brown   @tceb62   (28,200 followers)   – CEO of IDEO     Bio: Author of Change By Design / CEO of @IDEO

182   Duncan Paisley   @duncanpaisley (27,638   followers)   – CEO of Desert Blossom Assisted Living  
Bio: Founder & CEO of Desert Blossom Assisted Living, Husband, Dad, Scuba, Outdoor Enthusiast, Healthy Living, Travel, Art, Wine & Animal lover, All around nice guy!

183   Doug Conant   @DougConant (27,300   followers)         Bio: Chairman, Avon; Chairman, KELI; Founder, ConantLeadership; Former CEO, Campbell Soup; Dedicated to helping improve the quality of leadership in the 21st century

184   Chuck Martin     @chuckmartin (26,900   followers)   – CEO of The Mobile Future Institute   
Bio: Editor, mCommerce Daily, MediaPost, Columnist, NY Times Business Bestselling Author of Mobile Influence, Keynote Speaker Internationally

185   Sumaya Kazi   @sumaya   (26,900 followers)   – CEO of Sumazi     Bio: Founder & CEO @Sumazi • BusinessWeek Top Young Entrepreneur • Competitive Salsa Dancer • Avid supporter of @GlideSF, @TheBuildNetwork & @Jolkona • Berkeley Alum

186   Michael Terpin   @michaelterpin (25,500   followers)   – CEO of SocialRadius
Bio: CEO @socialradius, founded@Marketwire, co-founded #BitAngels; viral & social marketing, tech #PR, wine/cheese/bacon lover

187   Alex Houg    @alexhoug    (24,810  followers)   – CEO of Portage     Bio: Founder and CEO, @portageco. I enjoy analytics, backpacking, online marketing, soccer, and any other random shenanigans.

188   Shawn Murphy   @shawmu   (24,500 followers)   – Co-CEO of Switch and Shift     Bio: Explores where #business, #leadership& humanity intersect. Evangelist for workplace optimism. Speaker. Host of Work that Matters:

189   Tony Schwartz   @tonyschwartz (24,300   followers)   – CEO of The Energy Project     Bio: President and CEO, The Energy Project. Author, Be Excellent at Anything. Passionate about transforming the way the world works. Craves depth.

190   Lucy P. Marcus   @lucymarcus (24,200   followers)   – CEO of Marcus Venture Consulting     Bio: CEO, board director; Reuters boards & leadership columnist, host “In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus”; IE Biz School Prof of Leadership & Gov; thinker/doer.

191   Mark Fidelman   @markfidelman (23,900   followers)   – CEO of Evolve!    Bio: CEO of Raynforest (influencer marketplace), Forbes Columnist.  – Socialized! Author. Whoever makes the rain makes the rules.

192   Drew Neisser   @drewneisser (23,300   followers)   – CEO of Renegade, LLC     Bio: CEO @RenegadeLLC, writer, blogger, speaker, idea maker, student of social media, proud dad of 2 + Frenchie, Ben Franklin nut, avid tennis/paddle, Forever Duke!

193   Marty McPadden   @MartyMcPadden (23,100   followers)   – CEO of PodJamTV     Bio: Co-founder/CEO of @PodJamTV Productions, LLC w/@mistygirlph. Content creator, producer, strategist and photographer. #VZWBuzz

194   Ana Lucia Novak   @AnaLuciaNovak (22,700   followers)   – CEO of Novak Media Group       Bio: #SocialMedia Architect #Brand#Strategist, #Trainer Sharing the Latest Online #Marketing Trends, News, & Tools-Love Siamese Cats,Sunsets & Pinot Noir’s

195   Jeff Immelt     @JeffImmelt (21,900   followers)   – CEO of General Electric    Bio: Chairman & CEO of @GeneralElectric. Building, powering, moving, and curing the world. GE Works.

196    Matt Wilson   @MattwilsonTV (21,500   followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Adventurer in Residence @U30Experiences and Co-founder@Under30CEO

197   Scott Heiferman     @heif   (21,400 followers)   – CEO of Meetup     Bio: Meetup CEO

198   Phil Libin     @plibin   (21,400 followers)   – CEO of Evernote     Bio: CEO of Evernote. Enthusiast.

199   Jay Adelson     @jayadelson (21,300   followers)   – Former CEO of Digg     Bio: Chairman, Founder, Opsmatic

200   Kamal Hotchandani   @hauteliving (21,100   followers)   – CEO of Haute Media Group     Bio: CEO of Haute Media Group. Operating luxury media properties in the print, online, e commerce, mobile and social space in 20 markets and growing.

201   Cheryl K. Burgess   @ckburgess (20,100   followers)   – CEO & CMO of BlueFocus Marketing     Bio: CEO & CMO @BlueFocus|Author@SocialEmployee (McGraw-Hill) Wharton Contributor|#16 Forbes|The Economist EIU advisor

202   Tania Yuki   @taniayuki   (19,900 followers)   – CEO of Shareablee     Bio: dreamer, entrepreneur, writer, builder and scrappy get-it-done person… (also CEO and often tweeting for@Shareablee)

203   David Plotz    @davidplotz    (19,876 followers)  – CEO of  Atlas Obscura     Bio: CEO of @AtlasObscura, former @Slate editor. @SlateGabfest.

204   Dodi Handy   @DodiHandy (19,400 followers)   – CEO of Elite Financial Communications     Bio: Dodi Handy, JV Managing Partner, Hanover|Elite; and Founder, President and CEO, Elite Financial Communications Group, LLC

205   Vineet Nayar   @vineetnayar   (19,400 followers)   – CEO of HCL Technologies     Bio: Former CEO HCL Tech,Founder Sampark Foundation, Author of Employees First, Customers Second.

206   Isaac Tolpin   @isaactolpin   (19,000 followers)   – CEO of Choose Growth       Bio: CEO @ChooseGrowth | Co-Founder Throwing Boulders @ConcourseApp | Married to @angietolpin | Father of 6 | Vineyard Hobbiest

207   Ian Schafer     @ischafer   (18,300 followers)   – CEO of Deep Focus      Bio: Founder/CEO, @DeepFocus. Co-Founder @HungryFanApp. Dad.@InvisibleObama for a bit. @Mets fan. Subscribe to my newsletter:

208   Dorie Clark   @dorieclark   (18,200   followers)   – CEO of Clark Strategic Communications     Bio: HBR and Forbes contributor; marketing strategist & speaker; Duke Fuqua School of Business prof; author of Reinventing You (HBR Press, 2013)

209   Patty Farmer     @NetworkingCEO   (18,000   followers)   – CEO of Partty Farmer & Associates     Bio: Business Growth Strategist | International #Speaker | #Author Radio Show Host | Founder of #BizLink Global #Networking Organization.

210   Babu M Varghese     @babu2480   (17,700   followers)   – CEO of Convensys   Bio: Father,Husband,CEO of Convensys – A full service IT Outsourcing company from India,Entrepreneur & Social Media Evangelist Email:

211   Ben Silbermann     @8en   (17,700   followers)   – CEO Pinterest   Bio: San Francisco

212    Jon Ferrara     @Jon_Ferrara   (17,600   followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Pioneer & creator of #CRM solutions, CEO – Nimble, Founder of GoldMine. Interests; #SocialSelling, Social Business, Customer Lifecycle, Acquisition & Retention.

213   Kevin D. Johnson     @BizWizKevin (17,400   followers)   – CEO of Johnson Media Inc.     Bio: CEO, Johnson Media Inc., a marketing firm; Bestselling Author, The Entrepreneur Mind ; Speaker; Featured on CNN, Forbes, WSJ,NY Times, Oprah

214   Philippe Trebaul   @P_TREBAUL   (17,352  followers)  – CEO of TOOLBOX     Bio: Philippe TREBAUL – CEO – TOOLBOX – A Start-Up that will launch 5 Twitter Apps in 2015 – 1st app in April, named Favor. Use #Favor and see ! EAV Leader too.

215   Mike Martino   @SocialNewsCorp (16,535   followers)   – CEO of Social News Corp      
Bio: #CEO Social News Corp™ #social#media #news agency #breaking#worldnews in real-time #mobile #data#cloud #film #tv #radio #music #fashion#travel #politics #pr

216   Sam Decker     @samdecker (16,400   followers)   – CEO of Mass Relevance    Bio:  Mass Relevance CEO / founder. Bazaarvoice founding CMO. Former Dell & 4X startup exec. Angel investor, author, speaker. Based in Austin, TX.

217     James Beriker     @jberiker     (16,300  followers)  – CEO at SimplyHired    Bio: #CEO @SimplyHired | Tech Startup Exec & Advisor | Chef & Photographer | Husband & Father of 4 Wonderful Daughters

218   Ward Supplee   @TravelingDad (16,300   followers)   – CEO of SNS Analytics     Bio: VP, Business Development at Swapbox. Marketing & #Social devotee, summit seeker, peripatetic adventurer, excessive pizza & ice cream eater, & family hugger

219   Joe Fernandez     @JoeFernandez (16,300   followers)   – CEO of Klout     Bio: CEO and Cofounder of Klout. Just trying to get enough beans to make a burrito

220   Evan Spiegel    @evanspiegel    (16,225  followers)  – CEO of Snapchat    Bio: CEO @Snapchat

221   Patrick Collison     @patrickc (15,900   followers)   – CEO of Stripe     Bio: Fallibilist, optimist. Stripe cofounder.

222   Dionne Kasian-Lew     @DionneLew (15,800   followers)   – CEO of The Social Executive™     Bio: CEO Social Executive®, #socialmediaadvisor, Kred top 1% global, speaker & Wiley author … Also @beyourwholeself

223   Stewart Butterfield   @stewart   (15,630 followers)    – CEO of Slack     Bio: Slack boss • Flickr co-founder • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ • I’m trying my hardest!

224   Amit Verma   @amitV_Tweets (15,600   followers)   – CEO of ModernLifeBlogs   Bio: CEO & Founder of @ModernLifeTimes |@ModernLifeBlogs | @ModernLifePix |@Cre8iveBuzz Entrepreneur, Blogger. Loves Technology, Photography & Spreading Smiles :-)

225   Jason Alba   @jasonalba (15,216   followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Founder of relationship manager . Author:

226   Fields Jackson, Jr   @fleejack   (15,100 followers)   – CEO of Racing Toward Diversity Magazine     Bio: Founder & CEO at Racing Toward Diversity Magazine, Coordinator of Special Projects & adjunct professor@ChicagoState University

227   Yukiyoshi Watanabe   @WatanabeCEO (14,800   followers)   – CEO of ISFnet     Bio: CEO of ISFnet – an ambition Tokyo-based IT company. Founder – of FDA, an NPO leading the way in equal opportunity employment, training and advocation.

228   George Colony     @gcolony   (14,800 followers)   – CEO of Forrester Research    Bio:  CEO, Forrester Research

229   Peter Aceto   @PeterAceto (14,800   followers)   – CEO of ING Direct Canada    Bio:  CEO of Tangerine. I’m here to chat anything money, social media or leadership. Your feedback and questions are always welcome! That’s#ForwardBanking.

230   Wright Thurston   @10MillionMiler (14,800   followers)         Bio: CEO, 3200+ Speaker, Eternal Optimist, Real Estate Investor, former IBM, 10MillionMile Traveler, Author, Mentor, Grandfather of 8, Passions: Family & Faith

231   Eric Yaverbaum     @RealYaverbaum (14,300   followers)   – CEO of Ericho Communications     Bio: Best selling author, Associate Publisher  Ericho Communications CEO,  co-founder, Huffington Post blogger

232   Tobias Lütke    @tobi     (14,289 followers)    – CEO of Shopify     Bio: @Shopify CEO by day, Dad in the evening, hacker at night. – Rails Core alumni; Author of ActiveMerchant, Liquid, Delayed::Job.

233   Michal Sadowski   @socialmemos (14,100   followers)  – CEO of Brand24    Bio: Founder & CEO at @Brand24app. Public Speaker, Social Media Enthusiast and video maker

234    Alexa von Tobel    @alexavontobel    (14,085  followers)    – CEO of LearnVest    Bio: I am a dreamer. Founder/CEO Working hard to make financial advice accessible for millions of Americans. Financial Expert, Author, & CFP.

235   Ronan Dunne   @ronandunneo2 (14,000   followers)   – CEO of O2     Bio: CEO O2 Telefónica UK. Tweeting the insider’s view of leading a digital services business (+rugby/football sometimes!). For latest O2 news & help, say Hi to @O2

236   Jonathan Schwartz     @OpenJonathan (13,900   followers)   – CEO of CareZone, Inc.     Bio: Chief Executive Officer, CareZone, Inc.

237   Janine Popick   @janinepopick (13,452   followers)   – CEO of VerticalResponse     Bio: I’m the CEO and co-founder of VerticalResponse, a leading online marketing provider to over one million small businesses users worldwide.

238    Jennifer Bagley    @jenniferbagley     (13,300  followers)  – CEO of CI Web Group     Bio: Jennifer Bagley is an serial entrepreneur, executive and keynote speaker – helping businesses accelerate their results through sales supply chain strategies.

239   Peter Bordes   @MediaLabPete (13,200   followers)   – CEO of Internet Media Labs    Bio: Founder & CEO @InternetLabs @oneQubeMe @TweetChat. Entrepreneur Angel Investor & Mentor.#Technology #Innovation #SocialMedia #SocialMarketing #SocBiz #cmgr

240   Blake Irving    @blakei   (12,843  followers)  – CEO of Go Daddy   Bio: CEO, @GoDaddy. Fmr Chief Product Officer at @Yahoo, Fmr Head of Global Cloud Platforms (MSN, Live, Hotmail) at @Microsoft. Passionate about life and tech!

241   Anastasia Valentine   @AVV   (12,800 followers)   – CEO of Sandboxpm    Bio:  Business & marketing strategist, Speaker, Author, Advisor, @AVV Biz Talk Radio Host. Contributor to@OMSMag, @MOMeo, @BrazenWoman

242   Kevin Strasser   @kjstrasser (12,800   followers)   – CEO of Tribe Boost     Bio: Founder and Chief @TribeBoost • Developer, Entrepreneur, Marketer • Twitter Geek • tweets about #Tech,#SMM, #Startups, #Marketing and Audience Growth.

243   David Sifry     @dsifry   (12,530 followers)   – CEO of Technorati     Bio: Dave is just this guy, see? Founder of Offbeat Guides, Technorati, Linuxcare, others…

244   Brian Armstrong     @brian_armstrong   (12,500 followers)   – CEO of Coinbase     Bio: Co-founder & CEO at @Coinbase. Studied computer science and economics at Rice University.

245   Rob Bailey     @RMB   (12,423 followers)   – CEO of DataSift     Bio: CEO of DataSift. Start-Up Advisor & Investor. I believe Social Data is revolutionizing how businesses communicate and make decisions.

246   Belinda Parmar   @belindaparmar  (12,342  followers)  – CEO of  Lady Geek      Bio: CEO of @ladygeek, OBE, Author of The Empathy Era & Little Miss Geek, Professor, Campaigner, World Economic Forum #YGL, UK Gov Advisory Board for STEM

247   Rick Sturm     @Rick345   (12,200 followers)   – CEO of Enterprise Management Associates     Bio: CEO Enterprise Management Associates, author of 5 IT books Tweet on: #BI, #BigData, #ITSM, #SLM. Avid outdoorsman, & love world travel. Quelquefois en français.

248   Kat Cole   @KatColeATL (12,200   followers)   – President of Cinnabon     Bio: President Cinnabon, Inc. Connected-Creative-Conscious-Community building Capitalist, Biz-Advisor, MBA, Humanitarian, Coffee-loving Chronic Learner, I luv Rwanda

249   Andrew Grill   @andrewgrill (11,800   followers)   – CEO of Kred    Bio: Global Social Business Partner at IBM. Former Kred CEO. 100% digital. I blog at . Views here are my

250   Tom Bolt   @tombolt   (11,700 followers)   – CEO of Leute Management Services, LLC    Bio: HR professional specializing in Sourcing and Recruiting. Job seeker advocate, trainer, blogger, speaker, consultant. CEO Leute Management Services, LLC

251     Jeremy Heimans     @jeremyheimans     (11,684  followers)  – CEO of Purpose     Bio: CEO @Purpose. Co-founder @GetUp, @Avaaz, @AllOut. Eat @thefoodstand. Thinking #newpower: #TED:  / @harvardbiz:

252   John Foley   @johnfoleyjr (11,500   followers)   – CEO of interlinkONE and Grow Socially    Bio:  CEO of @interlinkONE, @GrowSociallyand @MarketWithMax; Published Author; Speaker; Consultant. Helping organizations with their marketing strategies. #smm

253   Chad Dickerson   @chaddickerson (11,400   followers)   – CEO of Etsy    Bio:  CEO, Etsy

254   Yancey Strickler   @ystrickler (11,400   followers)   – CEO and Cofounder of Kickstarter    Bio:  I’m CEO and cofounder of Kickstarter. Hi!

255     Vincent Wright      @VincentWright     (11,192  followers)  – CEO of     Bio: CEO & Brandergist @  10 years Linkedin :

256   Aaron Patzer     @apatzer   (11,100 followers)   – CEO of Mint    Bio:  Founder of Da Vinci, . Angel in@prismskylabs, @doubledutch. Teach at @founding

257   Jon Oringer   @Jonoringer (11,100   followers)   – CEO of Shutterstock Images     Bio: Founder/CEO 「@Shutterstock」 $SSTK. Serial Entrepreneur. Commercially rated helicopter pilot. Hacker. Vegetarian. All at once.

258   Kami Huyse   @kamichat   (11,000 followers)   – CEO of Zoetica     Bio: On the PR treadmill of life…Founder of Zoetica Media ( ), founder of Social Media Breakfast Houston ( ) #SMBHOU

259   Sandra Oldfield     @SandraOldfield (10,900   followers)   – CEO of Tinhorn Creek Vinyards     Bio: Leading the charge @TinhornCreek(CEO) #BCWineChat creator. Classic car-art-antique-food-music-history-film junkie. I’m living vicariously through me.

260     Shafqat Islam       @shafqatislam     (10868  followers)  – CEO of NewsCred     Bio: Dad & hubbie. I also run the world’s leading content marketing platform. Co-founder of NewsCred, news-junkie, DJ, optimist. Reinventing marketing.

261   Taffy Williams     @twilli2861 (10,700   followers)   – CEO of Colonial Technology Development Co.     Bio: CEO of Colonial Technology Dev. Co. Read Think Agile #medicine #biotech #health #AGILE#Entrepreneur #business #startup

262   Mikkel Svane     @mikkelsvane (10,600   followers)   – CEO of Zendesk     Bio: Zendesk CEO and Founder. Incredibly proud dad. Author of Startupland.

263   Nancy Lublin     @nancylublin (10,400   followers)   – CEO of Do Something    Bio:  CEO of . Founder of . Founder of Dress for Success. Spinal Tap fan. Mom x 2. Allergic to peppers. Comments my own.

264   Aneel Bhusri   @aneelb   (10,400 followers)   – CEO of Workday    Bio:  Dad, husband, Co-Founder & CEO Workday. Greylock too.

265   Deborah Weinstein   @DebWeinstein (10,299   followers)   – Co-Founder of Strategic Objectives     Bio: #PR Pro, Prez Strategic Objectives@SO_pr IABC/TO Agency of the Year 2014, 12, 11 & 09. Former journo, culture-vulture, love info, travel, fine wine & friends

266   David Hallett    @david_hallett   (10,234  followers)  – CEO of Experdon Inc.     Bio: #CEO @Xperedon Inc. – tireless social entrepreneur, designer, artist, MIoD, revolutionising #charity #nonprofit #csr #fundraising, all views my own

267   Anne Deeter Gallaher   @AnneDGallaher (10,100   followers)   – CEO of Deeter Gallaher Group LLC 
Bio: PA #SM, CEO #marketing #PR #IABCfounder Harrisburg #SMC, author@WomenInHighGear #WiHG Powerful language. Smart marketing. Member#85Broads #BA75 #ULI

268   Wes Hayden     @weshayden (9,989   followers)   – CEO of VirtualHold     Bio: #CEO of @VirtualHold | Tech Entrepreneur | #CRM & #Custserv | Waterskier | Deer Farmer

269   Mike Green   @Michae1Green   (9,865  followers)  – CEO of KINSHIP digital and KINSHIP enterprise     Bio: Tutto bene! #socialbusiness CEO & Founder at @KINSHIPd & @KINSHIPe. Dad to many & husband to one.

270   Roman Stanek   @romanstanek   (9,811 followers)   – CEO of GoodData    Bio:  CEO: GoodData – Cloud BI, Founder: GoodData, Systinet, NetBeans, Technologist, Entrepreneur

271   Curtis Lee     @curtislee (9,602   followers)   – CEO of LuxeValent       Bio: CEO and cofounder @luxevalet, husband, foodie, LA transplant, 80’s rock, 90’s hiphop

272   Perri Blake Gorman     @bethebutterfly (9,522   followers)   – CEO of       Bio: ceo/founder @archively : co-founder@unrollme : moderator @StartupGrind:: I am an alchemist. I am a collector of people.

273   Emma Isaacs   @emmaisaacs (9,505   followers)   – CEO of Business Chicks     Bio: CEO @BusinessChicks | Blogger at  | Champion for female entrepreneurs and women in business | Networking extraordinaire

274   Ben Rigby   @benrigby   (9,316 followers)   – CEO of Sparked     Bio: CEO @sparked. Lover of robots and my little kiddos, Luca & Juno.

275   Justin Kan     @justinkan (9,264   followers)   – CEO of Exec    Bio: Y Combinator / Twitch / / Exec / I just want to make art.

276    Steve Bartlett   @_SteveBartlett     (9,258  followers)  – CEO of The Social Chain     Bio: UKs Young Entrepreneur of the year 2014. Founder and CEO of The Social Chain (@Thesocialchain), Europe’s largest influencer marketing agency.

277   Miles S. Nadal   @milesnadal (9,180   followers)   – CEO of MDC Partners     Bio: Founder , Chairman and CEO MDC Partners, International Entrepreneur , Businessman and Philanthropist.

278    Hank Ostholthoff     @hankmade     (9,153  followers)  – CEO of  Mabbly Digital     Bio: My mom’s advice: work hard, be kind to people and success will follow. Writer @Entrepreneur | CEO @mabblydigital

279   Jeff Bonforte     @bonforte (9,120   followers)   – CEO of Xobni     Bio: SVP of Communications Products @ Yahoo! Formerly CEO @ Xobni. Living proof of the fallacy of first mover advantage 😉

280   Ric Dragon   @RicDragon (9,056   followers)   – CEO of DragonSearch     Bio: Author Social Marketology, speaker, artist, drummer, #usDragons, CEO@dragonsearch @marketingLandcolumnist, @socialmedia2day, Kred Top50 Marketing Blogger

281   Jay Steinfeld    @BlindscomCEO     (8,899  followers)  – CEO of     Bio: Father. CEO/Founder of , the world’s #1 online retailer of window blinds. Weekly columnist for Inc. Magazine; speaker; a cappella singer

282   Fay Feeney   @fayfeeney (8,395   followers)   – CEO of Risk for Good     Bio: CEO, board chair, digital whisperer │ Helping analog c-suite execs, investors & boardroom leaders not miss the future | No leaders left behind |#corpgov

283   D.J. Cunningham   @djcunningham (8,369   followers)   – CEO of LEARNstyle Ltd.     Bio: CEO, LEARNstyle Ltd, an #EdTechConsulting company whose mission is to help learners be more independent. We eat, breath & love #UDL #Learning#CanEdu #EdTech

284     Eric Hirshberg     @erichirshberg (8316  followers)  CEO of Activision Publishing     Bio: Eric is the CEO of Activision Publishing.

285   Renée Warren    @Renee_Warren   (8,031  followers)  – Founder of Onboardly     Bio: I work with select tech startups to help them with customer acquisition via our Demand Marketing methodology. #contentmarketing #startupPR #socialmedia

286   Tracey Sestili    @tracysestili   (8,030  followers)  – CEO of Social Strand Media    Bio: Social Media Author, Speaker, Teacher & Strategist. National Social Media Director @Women4Winesense & CEO at @socialstrand Former SM manager @Cainc

287   Mark Hurd   @MarkVHurd (7,988   followers)   – CEO of Oracle    Bio:  CEO of Oracle and a member of the company’s Board of Directors.

288   Dheeraj Pandey   @trailsfootmarks (7,802   followers)   – CEO of Nutanix    Bio:  Founder & CEO, @Nutanix. Constant Student of Business & Technology. Beachcomber of People Experiences.

289   Brian Sozzi   @briansozzi (7,753   followers)   – CEO of Belus Capital Investors     Bio: CEO & Chief Equities Strategist of Belus Capital Advisors. On-Air Special Features @TheStreet. Columnist@MensHealthMag. Happy and Positive Guy.

290   Mark T. Bertolini     @mtbert   (7,698 followers)   – CEO of Aetna     Bio: Devoted father, rabid hockey fan, avid skier and dog lover…and Chairman & CEO at Aetna. I tweet about my work and my life experiences in health care.

291   Mark Tercek   @MarkTercek (7,549   followers)   – CEO of The Nature Conservancy     Bio: President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature.

292   Jeffrey Joerres   @manpowergroupjj (7,529   followers)   – CEO of Manpower     Bio: CEO Netflix; a lurker here.

293   Reed Hastings   @reedhastings (7,414   followers)   – CEO of Netflix     Bio: ManpowerGroup Executive Chairman. Global citizen, Milwaukee native, Marquette alumnus.

294  Demont Danaiel   @demont   (7,311 followers)   – CEO of FinesseVentures       Bio: #CEO @FinesseLV @FinesseVentures |#BizDev @PrideStaffLV | #organizer @smdayLV  @4sqdayLV  @NABShow  & #VegasTech  @SXSWV2V  #Parties | #socialmedia

295  Larry Pimentel   @LarryPimentel     (6,901  followers)  – CEO of Azamara Club Cruises     Bio: President & CEO Azamara Club Cruises #Luxury #Cruise #Travel #Leadership #Food #Wine #Scotch Voted #1Cruise Executive on #SocialMedia #LoveTravel

296   Eugene Lee     @eugenelee (6,873   followers)   – CEO of Socialtext Incorporated     Bio: EIR Artiman Ventures, Fmr Socialtext CEO,social software, piano chamber music, photography, golf, Korean American, Vistage CEO member, foodie, opera, skiing

297   Gary Knell   @garyknell (6,687   followers)   – CEO of NPR     Bio: President and CEO, National Geographic Society242

298    Dave Barger   @DavidJBarger (6,624   followers)   – CEO of JetBlue Airways     Bio:  CEO – JetBlue Airways

299   Omar Ishrak     @MedtronicCEO (6,590   followers)   – CEO of Medtronic     Bio: Medtronic Chairman and CEO

300    Kunal Bahl    @1kunalbahl    (6,566  followers)    – CEO of Snapdeal    Bio: Entrepreneur. Maybe Politics.

301   Wendy S Lea   @wendyslea (6,518   followers)   – CEO of Get Satisfaction     Bio: Girl with deep southern roots; Executive Chair @GetSatisfaction

302   Budi G. Sadikin   @budiGSadikin (6,474   followers)   – CEO of bank mandiri    Bio:  Group CEO Mandiri – Ready to listen to our customers input, feedback and complaint.

303   Naomi Simson   @NaomiSimson (6,430   followers)   – CEO of Red Balloon       Bio: Founder Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Blogger, Business Leader, LinkedIn Influencer 

304     Rocco Rossi     @roccorossiTO     (6353  followers)  -CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada     Bio: CEO Prostate Cancer Canada and lover of fireworks, long walks and movies that start with lots of characters and end with fewer.

305   John Paton   @jxpaton   (6,271 followers)   – CEO of Digital First    Bio:  CEO Digital First Media, Managing Partner Digital First Ventures, boards: The Guardian, El Pais, PRISA,  & CUNY Grad School of Journalism

306   Greg Bardwell   @gregbardwell (6,225   followers)   – CEO of B2B ContentEngine    Bio:  CEO | B2B Content Engine streamlines content engagement, content distribution, and content discovery, helping make social content marketing effective.

307   Oren Michels     @Michels   (6,142 followers)   – CEO of Mashery     Bio: Mashery CEO, enjoyer of family, friends, great food and wine, and martinis

308   Margaret Heffernan   @M_Heffernan (6,055   followers)   – Former CEO of iCast, CMGI, and others   
Bio: CEO of five businesses, she now blogs for Huffington Post and .Her book WILLFUL BLINDNESS was called a classic;A BIGGER PRIZE is out now.

309   Jason Kilar   @jasonkilar (6,006   followers)   – CEO of Vessel   Bio: Big believer in the power of innovation. P.S. It is pronounced similar to Tyler

310   Andrew Angus    @andrewangus     (5,986  followers)  – CEO of SwitchMerge     Bio: Co-founder & CEO of The power of personalized video for B2B marketers through integration with Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and Salesforce.

311   Michael Bach    @diversity_dude     (5,958  followers)  – CEO of Canadian Institute of Diversity & Inclusion     Bio: Founder & CEO of the @CIDI_ICDI. #Diversity #CDNdiversity #Canada #HR #DiversityChampion #BeYourWholeSelf

312   Larry Tolpin   @LarryTolpin (5,911   followers)   – Chief Creative & Innovation Officer, President, Paradise Communications. Former CEO, BBDO and JWT.     Bio: President & Chief Creative Officer of Paradise Advertising, Digital & Entertainment (Former CEO & Chief Creative Officer of BBDO & JWT)

313   Josh J Nosal   @jnosal   (5,864 followers)   – CEO of Nosal Central    Bio:  The CEO of SEO at @NosalCentral in Dallas, Texas; providing SEO, Website Design and Internet Marketing services

314   Alex Yoder     @yodera   (5,854 followers)   – CEO of Webtrends     Bio: Online Executive Plans to change the world

315   Nigel Cameron     @nigelcameron (5,736   followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Strategist, writer | re-framing. com | c-pet. org | C-PET | Re-framing LLC Speaking: ATG│Chartwell

316   Kristof De Wulf   @kristofdewulf (5,716   followers)   – CEO of Insites       Bio: CEO @InSites Consulting I Bringing consumers in the heart of business I PhD, speaker, author I @switchandshiftLeague of Extraordinary Thinkers I #mrx#humanbiz

317   Sara Davidson   @saradavidson   (5,507  followers)  – CEO of  Hello Fearless     Bio: CEO @HelloFearless, The School for Female Entrepreneurs. On a mission to create a world of unstoppable women who dream big, take risks & love their lives.

318   Mark Gale   @MarksKiosk (5,424   followers)   – CEO of Charleston|Orwig     Bio: Reputation management, CSR, Sustainability, Crisis. Churning Conversations. CEO of Strategic communications agency serving leading and emerging brands.

319   Ben Rubin   @benrbn  (5,361  followers)  – CEO of Meerkat    Bio: Going live on @appmeerkat

320   Ben Parker    @BenParker140    (5,254  followers)  – CEO of IRIN News   Bio: Co-founder and CEO @irinnews. (We’re hiring). Formerly in Somalia, Syria, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia… Tweets my own.

321     Jeremy Hitchcock      @jhitchco     (5,205  followers)  – CEO of Dyn     Bio: Co-founder/CEO @Dyn, #LiveFreeOrDie, STEM and startup enthusiast, land and sea pilot, @WPI alum, Dad of 3 with @lizesc

322   Gerard F. Corbett   @gerardcorbett (5,177   followers)   – CEO of Redphlag LLC     Bio: PR, Branding, Marketing, Crisis Comms, Social and Coaching Executive, Chair & CEO at Redphlag LLC and Past Chair at PRSA …

323   Bastian Lehmann     @Basti   (5,105 followers)   – CEO of Postmates     Bio: I have no respect for the status quo. Co-founder and CEO of Postmates. A muckraker.

324   Lois Melbourne     @loismelbourne (5,081   followers)   – CEO of Acquire     Bio: Authoring kids books re:careers Mom, Wife, Connector, #YPO, ex-CEO, GPHR, eternal learner, speaker, mentor

325   George Ludwig   @GeorgeLudwigBiz (5,077   followers)   – CEO of 6builder     Bio: CEO @6builder • #engineer#entrepreneur #technicalmarketer#java • geek spoken here, visit@georgeludwig for my creative side

326     Jen Evans       @nejsnave     (4929  followers)  – CEO of Sequentia Environics     Bio: President, @B2BNewsnetwork. Content, community and analytics obsessed. Inventor @squeezecmm. Past chair, @itac_online @whiteribbon

327   Brooks Hoffos   @Brooks_Hoffos (4,875   followers)   – CEO of FUSE Ventures       Bio: 100% #Entrepreneur – @Fuse_Ventures- #Transportation – #Business -#RealEstate – #Energy – #Foodie -#Wine – #TechFreak – sometimes I sleep. Oh ya #Dyslexic

328   Sharon Vinderine   @PTPASharon (4,769   followers)   – CEO of PTPA Media Inc.     Bio: CEO of @PTPA As seen on Extra! Steve Harvey, Marie Osmond, Rachael Ray, Fox, HLN Global & NBC. Syndicated columnist and #familyproduct expert.#BrandAmbassador

329     Deena Varshavskaya     @siberianfruit     (4,733  followers)  – CEO @Wanelo     Bio: CEO @Wanelo. Collector of psychedelic leggings.

330    Dov Seidman     @DovSeidman   (4,712  followers)  – CEO of  LRN     Bio: CEO of @LRN — Inspiring Principled Performance; Author of HOW; HOW Matters … more than ever and in ways it never has before: 

331    Josh Tetrick    @joshtetrick     (4,560  followers)    – CEO of  Hampton Creek    Bio: CEO & Founder of @hamptoncreek. Dog daddy, brother, lover of the now.

332    Dan Kelly    @CFIB     (4,548  followers)  – CEO of Canadian Federation of Independent Business     Bio: President and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) – the big voice for small business.

333   Kel Kelly     @kelkelly (4,501   followers)   – CEO of Kel & Partners     Bio: mom of 4 kids, founder & ceo of kel & partners, huffpo blogger, social media addict, pr, 4 dogs, 8 tatts

334    Paul Frampton    @Paul_Framp     (4,483  followers)  – CEO of Havas Media     Bio: CEO, Havas Media. Connected Thinker, Modern Leader & Future obsessive. Half Brit, Half Colombiano. #MUFC fan. Impossible nothing. #Meaningful connections.

335   Harriet Green   @harrietgreen1 (4,411   followers)   – CEO of Thomas Cook    Bio: Woman, Wife, Mother, CEO, Non Exec Director

336   Marc Levine   @icanewfriend (4,384   followers)   – CEO of ICA Social Media     Bio: CEO of ICA Social Media (www.icanewfriend) Tweets to help small and midsize companies do better. marketing their goods and services. LIKE

337     Mark Casselman     @markcasselman     (4378  followers)  -CEO of COACH (Canada’s Health Informatics Association)     Bio: #digitalhealth executive | CEO Canada’s Health Informatics Association @COACH_HI | speaker | adjunct @UofT IHPME | @MaRSDD | #innovation |#exerciseismedicine |

338     Tim Hockey     @thockey1     (4327  followers)  -CEO of TD Canada Trust     Bio: Proud husband, father, brother, son, friend, philanthropist, aging athlete…and President & CEO TD Canada Trust. @TD_Canada

339    Julie Smolyansky     @juliesmolyansky    (4,283 followers)    – CEO of Lifeway Foods    Bio: Mom, CEO of @Lifeway_kefir @StarfruitCafe, Co-Founder @Test400k, Chicagoan, traveler, athlete, foodie, music lover. On a mission to inspire & empower.

340   Jack Salzwedel   @amfamjack (4,253   followers)   – CEO of American Family Mutual Insurance Group       Bio: Chairman and CEO of American Family Mutual Insurance Group

341   Avner Ronen     @avneron   (4,021 followers)   – CEO of Boxee     Bio: spend my days working on boxee, spend my nights dreaming of boxee

342   Kevin Nakao   @knakao   (3,859 followers)   – CEO of MeritShare     Bio: COO of @HealthSlate. Start-up enthusiast & guest writer for Mashable.

343   Elise Mitchell   @elisemitch (3,838   followers)   – CEO of Mitchell Communications Group and CEO of Dentsu Public Relations Network     Bio: CEO/Mitchell Communications Group, CEO/Dentsu Public Relations Network. Passionate about PR, motorcycles, running. Lucky to do what I love, ride when I can’t.

344   Brent Grinna   @brentgrinna (3,783   followers)   – CEO of EverTrue     Bio: Founder @evertrue. Brown/HBS/TechStars. Postville, Iowa native.

345   Juan Antonio Cuecos   @Cuecos   (3,595 followers)   – CEO of Wikot and Serengeti Consulting     Bio: CEO + Business, Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Digital and SM. An idea generator for the real-world management. Love Dogs, Muscle-Cars and Seafood

346   Nimesh Shah   @sarcatrist (3,576   followers)   – CEO of Windchimes Communications     Bio: Sarcasm Advocator; Facebook Whisperer; Travel Enthusiast; Marathon Runner; Amateur Punster; Yoga Practitioner; Co-Founder@windchimescomm

347   Tony Uphoff   @TonyUphoff    (3,573  followers)  – CEO of     Bio: CEO of @Businessdotcom. Media, Marketing & Tech Geek.

348   Mikael Pawlo    @mpawlo  (3,530  followers)  – CEO of Mr Green & Co   Bio: I don’t have the courage to do nothing. CEO and co-founder of Mr Green & Co. Djurgårdens IF.

349     Ted Menzies     @TedMenzies     (3522  followers)  -CEO of CropLife Canada     Bio: President/CEO of CropLife Canada. Always a farmer at heart! I promote sound science.

350   Mihaela Lica Butler   @PamilVision (3,460   followers)   – CEO of Pamil Vision       Bio: CEO @PamilVisions PR; owner@EverythingPR; travel passionate; hobby chef; author of Garden Super Hero Tales

351   Kevin Gibbon   @kevingibbon (3,435   followers)   – CEO Shyp     Bio: Co-founder, CEO of @shyp. Canadian.

352  Alex Hawkinson   @ahawkinson (3,382   followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Founder & CEO of SmartThings – the easiest way to turn your home into a smart home

353   Fred Cook    @fredcook     (3,362  followers)  – CEO of Golin     Bio: CEO of Golin, a global PR firm. Author of — Improvise – Unorthodox Career Advice from an Unlikely CEO.

354   Hikmet Ersek   @westernunionCEO   (3,252   followers)   – CEO of The Western Union Company LLC     Bio: CEO of The Western Union Company, LLC (Official)

355   Giles Crouch   @webconomist (3,241   followers)   – CEO of Thistlwood     Bio: Entrepreneur | Digital Management Consultant | Brit Ex-Pat | Futurist | Growth Hacker | Collaborator | Positivist | Disruption Specialist

356     Jeff Melanson     @JeffMelanson     (3237  followers)  -CEO of Toronto Symphony Orchestra     Bio: President & CEO, Toronto Symphony Orchestra (@TorontoSymphony)

357   Kenny Tomlin   @kennytomlin (3,183   followers)   – CEO of Rockfish     Bio: Rockfish Founder & CEO |  Founder & Chairman

358   James Beshara     @Jjbeshara (3,151   followers)   – CEO of Crowdtilt     Bio: ceo @crowdtilt. grateful.

359   Tony Lacavera   @TonyLacavera (2,989   followers)   – CEO of Wind Mobile     Bio: Entrepreneur, pilot, Broadway & film producer, running enthusiast, WIND Mobile Chairman & CEO. My mission is to give Canadians wireless fairness and freedom.

360   Melissa Joy Kong   @melissajoykong (2,898   followers)   – CEO of Technori     Bio: Leading content strategy at@Eventbrite. Lover of stories & startups. Writing a book about 100 of the best love stories in America. Possibilitarian.

361   Apoorva Mehta   @apoorva_mehta (2,885   followers)   – CEO of Instacart    Bio: Founder/CEO – Instacart

362   Brian Sugar   @briansugar (2,850   followers)   – CEO of POPSUGAR Inc.    Bio:  Founder & CEO, POPSUGAR Inc.  ·

363  Richenda Vermeulen   @RichendaG   (2,843 followers)   – CEO of Ntegrity Agency     Bio: Director of @ntegrityagency, ladies of@YorkButter Coordinator, @BandT‘s Women in Media- 2014 Digital winner. Wifey to @kylevermeulen

364     Tien Tzuo     @tientzuo     (2816  followers)  – CEO of Zuora     Bio: CEO of @zuora. Follow @zuora!

365   Ryan Wuerch   @rwuerch   (2,791 followers)   – CEO of Solavei     Bio: Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of@Solavei, Philanthropist,@MissAmericaOrg Board of Director, husband, father of 4 great boys and lover of life!

366   Paul Spiegelman   @paulspiegelman (2,755   followers)   – CEO of the Beryl Companies     Bio: NYT Best selling author; Inc. columnist: Chief Culture Officer – Stericycle; Founder of BerylHealth, The Beryl Institute & Inc. Small Giants Community

367   Joy Nordenstrom   @joyofromance (2,735   followers)   – CEO of Joy of Romance Inc.     Bio: MBA, Founder of Joy of Romance, Inc., Relationship Coach for singles & those in relationships, Certified Matchmaker, Mom, Cook & Aphrodisiac Expert

368     Bruce Broussard     @BruceDBroussard     (2712  followers)  -CEO of Humana     Bio: President and CEO of Humana, proud father and avid cyclist

369   Jeremy Allaire     @jerBrightcove (2,627   followers)   – CEO of Brightcove     Bio: Founder and CEO of Brightcove. Former CTO Macromedia and Co-Founder Allaire

370     Som Seif     @somseif     (2600  followers)  -CEO of Purpose Investments     Bio: CEO of Purpose Investments. Founded Claymore Investments in Canada. My goal is to make investing for Canadians cheaper and better.

371     Greg Brown     @GregBrownMoto     (2521  followers)  -CEO of Motorola Solutions     Bio: Chairman & CEO Motorola Solutions

372   Jamie Wong     @JamieJWong (2,495   followers)   – CEO of Vayable     Bio: Founder and CEO of @Vayable, writer, francophile, former staffer@TheDailyShow, mediocre soccer player.

373   Deborah Sweeney    @deborahsweeney     (2,486  followers)  – CEO of  MyCorporation     Bio: CEO of @mycorporation. Graduate of Pepperdine law & business schools. Multitasking mom of two sons. I’m passionate about small businesses!

374     Darren Huston     @Darren_Huston     (2472  followers)  -CEO of Priceline Group and     Bio: Global traveler

375   Rob Lane   @roblane   (2,470 followers)   – CEO of MyMusic     Bio: CEO… Founder, Brit-anadian via the US.

376   Parker Conrad  @parkerconrad  (2,415 followers)   – CEO of Zenefits     Bio: Building an HRIS system that does stuff

377   Olalah Njenga   @olalah   (2,381 followers)   – CEO of YellowWood Group     Bio: CEO of @YellowWoodGroup ▸Marketing Strategist ▸Forbes Braintrust Member® ▸ Believes Strategy is Sexy! ▸ s Purple ▸ Dunkin’ Donuts ▸

378     Craig Hunter     @craighunter_     (2371  followers)  -CEO of Bitmaker Labs     Bio: CEO at @BitmakerLabs, Canada’s largest technology bootcamp • Past: Employee #52 @Uber, @TEDxUWO, #politico • Advisor to @useHurrier, @Venture4Canada

379   Edwin Ong     @edwin   (2,367 followers)   – CEO of CastTV and FileFish     Bio: working on startup #3 with @vikati

380   Christopher Graves   @Cgraves   (2,310 followers)   – CEO of Ogilvy PR     Bio: Ogilvy PR (Global CEO), Council on Foreign Relations, formerly head of news for CNBC Asia & Europe; WSJ 18 yrs (TV/internet/print). Author on nation branding.

381   Tru Pettigrew   @truaccess (2,301   followers)   – CEO of Tru Access     Bio: Tru Access Founder & CEO. Culturational Chemist. Inspiration & Empowerment Speaker. D&I Champion.#Millennial Insights

382   Michael Dubin   @mrdubin   (2,300 followers)   – CEO of     Bio: Easterner out West. Wants to shave the planet.

383   Mary-Alice Brady   @maryalicebrady  (2,247   followers)   – CEO of mosiacHUB    Bio:  Entrepreneur; CEO & Founder of mosaicHUB, your B2B community markeplace

384    David Benardo     @benardo   (2,220 followers)   – CEO of Zelectric Bug     Bio: CEO/Director of R/D @ZelectricBug. Developing & bringing to market: Fast 100% electric 60s VW Beetles. #ShortyAward winner @FrankAdman

385  Daniel Lubetzky   @danlub   (2,157   followers)   – CEO of KIND Healthy Snacks    Bio:  CEO and Founder of KIND Healthy Snacks. My thoughts are my own.

386   Amanda Rose    @TheAmandaRose   (2,133  followers)  – CEO of  The Business Woman Media     Bio: Australia’s only Strategic Connector • Brand Strategist • Founder & CEO of @BusinessWomanTV • Host of Amanda Rose TV • Paleo • CrossFit • Swimmer • #BossLady

387   Monte Cahn   @montecahn (2,056   followers)   – CEO of Right of the Dot     Bio: President and Director of / Board Advisor / Investor in / Former Founder / CEO of and President –

388     David Ossip     @dossip     (2048  followers)  -CEO of Ceridian HCM Inc.     Bio: CEO Ceridian Human Capital Management. Dad and cyclist.

389     Walter Bettinger     @waltbettinger     (2007  followers)  -CEO of CharlesSchwab     Bio: President & CEO of @CharlesSchwab Let’s chat about #FinServ, #Leadership, #Innovation & #CustomerLoyalty

390     Paul Alofs     @Alofs     (2002  followers)  -CEO of Princess Margaret Cancer Foundatin     Bio: Cancer Warrior + CEO Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation + Author: Passion Capital – opinions my own.

391   James Park   @parkjames (1,995 followers)   – CEO of Fitbit     Bio: CEO and Co-Founder, Fitbit

392   Ahmad Fadzidin Arsh   @idin77   (1,988 followers)   – CEO of Aerosoft     Bio: Currently is the GROUP CEO & EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN of AEROSOFT I-Technologies Group Of Companies

393   Kevin Chou    @kevinchou    (1,944  followers)    – CEO of Kabam    Bio: CEO, Kabam.

394    Susan Lyne   @smlyne   (1,928 followers)   – CEO of AOL’s Brand Group     Bio: Serial home renovator, advisor, mother of daughters. CEO @Aol Brand Group, director @GiltGroupe and @Starz. Alum of @ABC, @MSLO and Premiere Mag.

395     Eli Israel      @eliasisrael     (1,923  followers)  – CEO of Meshfire     Bio: Founder & CEO of @meshfire. Serial entrepreneur. Built my first SaaS startup in ’02, took five SaaS products to market. Irredeemable @Audi fan.

396   Mark Collins   @mac5webdesign (1,894   followers)   – CEO of Mac 5 Web Design     Bio: Web Designer | Social Media & Online Marketing | Strategy | Blogger | Consulting | Influencer & CEO #SmallBizWeb Pro 20+yrs | #SM #SMB #SME#Marketing

397   Jen Fremont-Smith   @jfremontsmith   (1,873   followers)   – CEO of Smarterer       Bio: Co-Founder, Krash + Co-founder, Smarterer

398   Sally Lewis   @CEOLewis   (1,871 followers)   – CEO of Avon & Somerset Probably Trust     Bio: Chief Executive of Avon & Somerset Probation Trust. Strives to be an Ethical Leader. Strategy Board member of Academy for Justice Commissioning.

399  Joshua R. Simmons   @joshsimmons (1,868   followers)   – CEO of Web & Interactive Media Professionals     Bio: web dev, community dude, and failed startup ceo. futurist, ally, and armchair philosopher. #cmgr @oreillymedia & co-founder @beawimp

400   Paul Holmes   @paulholmespr (1,815   followers)     Bio: 25 years of covering the global public relations industry. Holmes Group CEO. SABRE Awards chair.

401   Logan Green   @logangreen (1,805   followers)    – CEO of Lyft     Bio: @lyft Co-Founder, CEO. Your friend with a car.

402  Randy Garutti   @randygarutti (1,750   followers)    – CEO of Shake Shack     Bio: CEO-Shake Shack

403    Robert Reffkin    @RobReffkin    (1,671  followers)   – CEO of Urban Compass    Bio: Founder @UrbanCompass / Founder @NewYorkNeedsYou / White House Fellow / Running 50 marathons to raise $1mm for nonprofits

404   J’Amy Stewart     @jamystewart (1,627   followers)   – CEO of Infonetics     Bio:  Former CEO & Co-founder @Infonetics Research. Thrive on challenge and change. Swam from Alcatraz to SF. Backpacked Kalalau. Love fast cars. Always thinking.

405     Peter WT Pisters     @ppisters     (1608  followers)  CEO of University Health Network     Bio: President & CEO, University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario

406   Ryan Mickle     @ryanm   (1,583 followers)   – CEO of Yardsale     Bio: Member of @teamfobo. Here to help and learn. YC founder (S11).

407   Lois Paul     @boslfp   (1,554 followers)   – CEO of Lois Paul &Partners     Bio: Boston based PR Pro and Red Sox fan. Catholic school survivor. Married 32+ yrs. Have 3 grown kids, 2 rescue dogs. 

408    Pontish Yeramyan     @Pontish    (1,465  followers)    – CEO of Gap International     Bio: Founder, CEO of Gap International, breakthrough consulting. Partner to CEOs and executives in producing exceptional growth through extraordinary performance.

409     Calvin McDonald     @Calvin_Sephora (1418  followers)  – CEO of Sephora Americas     Bio: I am the CEO of Sephora Americas – a leader in bringing pure prestige beauty

410    Joel Trammell   @The AmericanCEO   (1,401  followers)  – CEO of Khorus     Bio: By CEO & Navy vet Joel Trammell. Author, The CEO Tightrope: @TheKhorus CEO. @ATCouncil Chair Emeritus. @Forbes & @EntMagazine Contributor

411   Kelly Claman   @kellyclaman (1,393   followers)   – CEO of KCC Inc.     Bio: President/CEO of KCC Inc – Canadian distributor of international fashion brands. Mental Health Advocate. My family + pup are my world.

412     Sam Zaid       @samzaid     (1,368  followers)  – CEO of Getaround     Bio: @Getaround CEO

413     Tony Xu       @t_xu     (1,359  followers)  – CEO of DoorDash     Bio: Co-founder at @DoorDash.

414   Hayes Davis   @hayesdavis (1,357   followers)   – CEO of Union Metrics     Bio: CEO of @unionmetrics. We make@tweetreachapp, Union Metrics for Tumblr and Union Metrics for Instagram.

415     Julia Deans     @juliadeans (1348  followers)  CEO of Futurpreneur Canada     Bio: CEO, Futurpreneur Canada, entrepreneur, lawyer, connector. past CivicAction CEO, part-time olive farmer.

416   Bob Zukis     @BobZukis (1,252   followers)   – CEO of Saaskwatch Systems     Bio: CEO at Bloomfire, Social Inc. Author, Top 50 Board Advisor on IT Governance

417   Andy Getsey   @andygetsey (1,211   followers)   – CEO of Atomic    Bio:  PR and social media strategy. EVP & Technology Practice Chair at Grayling. Previously co-founder, Atomic. Angel investor/TheoremVentures. Husband. Soccer Dad.

418  Brian Carroll   @PivotCEO   (1,174 followers)   – CEO     Bio: CEO Pivot. Devoted husband. Father to 3 sons. 6x Ironman. 59x Marathoner. Preemie Dad. I started Pivot to offer consumers a simple way to buy insurance online

419     Steve Woods     @StevoeWoods     (1,152  followers)  – CEO of TideSmart Global     Bio: Solar powered CEO of TideSmart Global, Chronic Optimist, Climate Change Deny-er-Deny-er, Unreasonable Columnist, Happy Husband & Dad!

420   Randy P. Seitz ‏     @CEOStruggles (1,122   followers)   – CEO of Randy P. Seitz and Associates     Bio: I am the CEO and Founder of Randy P. Seitz and Associates a consulting firm dedicated to solving the struggles of nonprofit CEOs and the agencies they serve.

421   Leah Eichler    @leaheichler   (1,085  followers)  – CEO of Rally Your Goals    Bio: Founder of r/ally (@rallyyourgoals), a platform that sources knowledge in your organization’s network. Columnist, coffee addict, TEDxer.

422   Reginald Christian   @RegChristian (1,060   followers)   – CEO of Black Creatives    Bio:  Brand Strategist / Creative Director / CEO and Chief Creative Officer @bdotagency / CEO and Founder @blackcreatives

423   Samir Brikho   @samirbrikho (1,042   followers)   CEO of AMEC   Bio: Chief Executive of AMEC. Leading by example – safety, people development and a sustainable future matter [to me].

424   Buddy Teaster   @bteaster   (1,032  followers)  – CEO of Soles4Souls   Bio: CEO at Soles4Souls, entreprenuer, ultrarunner, father, husband, YPO member

425     Steve Sheinkopf     @YaleCEO     (1032  followers)  – CEO of Yale Appliance and Lighting     Bio: CEO of Yale Appliance And Lighting, trying to provide the best possible customer service experience..Will also tweet about my own consumer experiences

426   Mark Dwight      @markdwight     (1,003  followers)  – CEO of Rickshaw Bagworks     Bio: Founder/CEO Rickshaw Bagworks; Founder SFMade

427   Joey Adler   @JoeyAdler1by1 (968   followers)   – Founder of ONEXONE and CEO of Diesel Canada       Bio: CEO @DIESELCANADA, Founder @ONEXONE & @IndustrialRevII. Innovative entrepreneur and humanitarian seeking to reinvent the business of philanthropy.

428   Paul Rivera   @privera   (878 followers)   – CEO of Kalibrr     Bio: Founder and CEO of Kalibrr

429     Dannah Lewis     @Dlstyled     (876  followers)  – CEO of Delicious LifeStyled     Bio: Lifestyle Consultant | Business Architect | Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

430   Greg Osterdyk   @gregosterdyk (863   followers)    Bio: CEO, Entrepreneur and Mayor of Carver, MN

431     Carla Bourque      @carlabourque     (832  followers)  – CEO of Smartify     Bio: CEO @getsmartify. Passionate about transformative technologies, relevant marketing w/ personalized content, and data-driven insights.

432    Rob Legge      @leggerob     (808  followers)  – CEO of Servest     Bio: Group CEO Servest, Global FM provider-45,000 employees, Entrepreneur, AFC, ITFC, my wife & 2 boys, Football, Golf, Tennis ,Rugby, South Africa

433    Heather K. Terry     @hkterry1    (719  followers)    – CEO of NibMor Chocolate     Bio: Co-founder & CEO of NibMor Chocolate, entrepreneur, business, lifestyle, yoga & chocolate enthusiast

434   Michael Meehan   @michaelmeehan (688   followers)   – CEO of Zerofootprint & iVeridis 
Bio:  Entrepreneur & Advisor

435     Pamela Fralick     @pcfralick   (685  followers)  – CEO of Canadian Cancer Society     Bio: President & CEO, Canadian Cancer Society

436  Pete Hess   @hess_peter (670   followers)   – CEO of Advent Software     Bio: CEO at @AdventSoftware. History buff, avid cyclist. Proud dad, lucky husband. Passion for finance, technology, leadership…and cars.

437     Rahul K. Bhardwaj     @CEO_TorontoFdn     (646  followers)  – CEO of Toronto Foundation     Bio: CEO Toronto Foundation and proud Torontonian. Let’s discuss anything about philanthropy and cities – how we live, learn, work and play.

438     Anthony Wilson-Smith     @awilsonsmith (642  followers)  CEO of Historica Canada     Bio: CEO Historica Canada. Chair, Journalists for Human Rights. Dad, husband, Habs fan. Analyst, CFRB Newstalk 1010. Views solely my own

439    Bennett Golder     @btgolder     (567  followers)  – CEO of Toronto Foundation     Bio: Partisan Democrat, former ATLien, Hackney resident, Vanderbilt fan and friend of Dorothy. Work at @ws_london, tweet in personal capacity.

440   Michael Beddows   @MichaelBeddows (510   followers)   – CEO of Trendr     Bio: Part Creator, part Explorer, part Revolutionary – coming to disrupt business as usual near you – Founder & CEO of @TrendrInc, the professional networking app

441     Dennis Hatchell     @ChiefRoo     (495  followers)  -CEO of Kangaroo Express (The Pantry)      Bio: President and CEO of Kangaroo Express (The Pantry).

442     Brian Fetherstonhaugh      @BrianOgilvy     (415  followers)  – CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide     Bio: Global Chairman & CEO, OgilvyOne Worldwide; Digital Marketing Expert and Speaker; guitar enthusiast

443 Don Bureaux @nsccprez (391 followers) -CEO of Nova Scotia Community College Bio: NSCC President

444  CJ Kettler   @cjkettler   (361 followers)   – CEO of Channel One News    Bio:  Ed Tech Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist, Yogi and Proud Mom

445  Larry Page   @q_larrypage   (327 followers)   – CEO of Google    Bio:  Co-Founder & President, Product of Google

446     Susan Horvath     @SusanH_ROM (283  followers)  – CEO of ROM Govenors at Royal Ontario Museum     Bio: President & CEO @ROMGovs, fundraiser, fitness buff, lover of life.

447   Sarah Kauss     @sarahkauss    (271  followers)    – CEO of S’Well     Bio: Founder of @swellbottle

448   Kavan Seggie     @kseggie    (243 followers)    – CEO of AddLive     Bio: London

449     Marianne Harrison     @harrima3136 (219  followers)  CEO of Manulife Canada     Bio: President & CEO @Manulife Canada. Focused on leadership, innovation & a customer-focused culture. Passionate about family, community & philanthropy @SMGHF.

450     Tim Smith     @smithtTim (211  followers)  – CEO of Canadian Medical Association     Bio: CEO @ Canadian Medical Association

451     Tom McGuinness     @tom_mcguinness     (208  followers)  – CEO of PatientPoint     Bio: Chief Executive Officer, @PatientPoint. Tweeting from a leader’s perspective on #healthIT, #patientengagement,#populationhealth and more.

452     Jody Campeau     @JodyCampeau (178  followers)  – CEO of Maplesoft Group    

453     Sean Ivens     @SeanIvens_AMS  (175  followers)  – CEO of Advanced Medical Solutions Inc.     Bio: As President & CEO of Advanced Medical Solutions Inc., Sean is responsible for the global management and corporate affairs for the company.

454  Josh Rosenwald      @JOSHROSENWALD     (144  followers)  – CEO of PatientPoint     Bio: CEO @Unrollme

455   Lief Larson     @lieflarson     (127  followers)  – CEO of Workface     Bio: Thoughts on Entrepreneurship, Business, +

456     Mimi Lowi-Young     @mlowiyoung (84  followers)  – CEO of Alzheimer’s Society of Canada     Bio: CEO of @alzsociety. All opinions are my own. R/Ts are not endorsements.


Our awesome Toronto Social PR team at Strategic Objectives has been compiling and growing our Ultimate List of Social CEOs on Twitter since it’s debut with only 60 names in October, 2012.

We owe huge thanks to the many generous netizens who helped us compile our original list, including @amyvernon, @sarcatrist and @markwschaefer, @tompick to name drop only a few. Additional sources included Businessweek, Forbes, Inc, WSJ and more. Our methodology is detailed in our original post Should CEOs Tweet?

Please share additional CEO names we may have missed in the comments (up and running again, at last), or tweet us @SO_pr, so we can keep it useful and up-to-date. Your feedback and input are very welcome.

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