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CSR + Social Good

Corporate Social Responsibility + Social Good

CSR + Social Good

FACT: Doing good is good for business.

How good? Eighty-three percent of people trust a company more if it is socially responsible and 79 percent of consumers who have read about a company’s CSR agenda on its website say they are more likely to purchase from this company in the future. 

These recent stats underscore why our Toronto-based national PR agency has always been at the forefront of developing breakthrough Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to effectively connect brands with consumers. Strategic Objectives is the only Canadian PR Agency to receive the United Nations Grand Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Relations for our work with The Body Shop! Other brands that our Canadian PR team have helped to create, launch and promote unique CSR initiatives include:  Kellogg Canada, Kruger Products, Koodo Mobile, M&M Meat Shops, Pfizer Canada, The Hudson's Bay Company, BIC, Mattell, The Body Shop, Kraft Canada, Cadbury, Diageo and many more!  

Today, businesses and organizations are looking for much more than their logo on a banner to proclaim their commitment to making a positive difference. Brands strive to engage their audiences, trigger action and reaction, and build long-lasting authentic connections. Strategic Objectives is here to help you craft memorable PR that makes a real difference.