So now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk beer! It's Super Bowl weekend and the only thing consumed during the big game more than million dollar TV spots is beer. So how can beer companies breakthrough all the clutter and become the go-to beverage of choice, not only during milestone events like the Super Bowl, but all year round?

Strategic Objectives has been creating and executing beer focused PR and social programs for brands big and small longer than anyone in Canada. From helping launch the craft beer movement in Canada; to leveraging sports sponsorships; to creating a genuine political movement; we’ve learned how to resonate with Canadian consumers and gain brand loyalty in one of the most competitive industries in the country.

Here’s a taste of what we’ve identified are some keys for winning share of mouth with beer lovers:

BE BOLD: The beer wars are fierce and you have to stand out from the pack. Sometimes the story itself is not enough. Sometimes you have to be bold and think really big. We’ve started a political party to help get St. Patrick’s Day made a holiday in Canada (can you guess which brand?), and imported Monks from Belgium to bartend and tap kegs on Queen St. Just make sure your big idea is credible and relevant to your story so the consumer can see a clear connection.

BE BRAVE: Beer marketing doesn’t have to be all about good times or providing superior quality. Beer marketing can have a real impact on everyday life in Canada. Sometimes it might be right for a beer company to take a stand and trust me, people take notice. Whether its standing up to the Beer Store monopoly or focusing an entire year’s worth of marketing to responsible drinking, beer brands can make a difference and should make this part of their marketing communications mix.

BE VISUAL: It’s no secret that we eat and drink with our eyes first. It’s key to invest in unique and attractive photography to really engage thirsty consumers. Go beyond the typical pack or bottle shot and create a visual that makes people want to grab a pint, and encourages media to print your branded image. And constantly refresh with social channels. Use instagram and twitter to post pics of your brand as part of people’s lives. Make memories for people.

BE YOU: Really know who you are as a brand — not what you want to be or think you should be. Figure out what you stand for. Figure out why people will choose you over the next guy. Figure out where you are headed. Then you can figure out how to bring fans along for the ride.

OK, now I’m thirsty. Off to grab a pint. Enjoy the game!


What’s your go-to Super Bowl beer?