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Case Study: Koodo Mobile

Is there anything more frustrating than having your mobile phone run out of battery while you are out and about? Our Strategic Objectives team leveraged this insight to power up our creativity to develop the first-of-its-kind, mobile human charging station for Koodo Mobile, Canada’s smart and affordable mobile service alternative.

Our goal was to engage with young Canadians and create a newsworthy, socially-charged, experiential activation that would ambush Toronto streets and high-traffic events throughout the summer.

To do so we partnered with Koodo’s ad agency, Taxi2, to bring the Koodo Human Mobile Charging Stations to life. Equipped with a portable battery pack, charging cables for Canada’s most popular phones, our human charging stations made it easy and fun for consumers to plug-in and juice-up their dying phones for free. The innovative program launched with a fun promotional YouTube video, a microsite and a hilarious Twitter feed, @KoodoCharger. 

We took two Koodo human chargers to Taste of the Danforth, Toronto and Canada’s largest street festival, where hungry foodies flocked to our chargers, grateful to power-up their mobiles and Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram photos using our hashtag #KoodoHasMyBack. We also ambushed opening night at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), Toronto and Canada’s largest annual fair, with 1.3 million people attending each year. 

Koodo’s charged-up experiential campaign made big news in Marketing Magazine and Mobile Syrup and the YouTube video received more than 600,000 views. 

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