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Case Study: The Great #PringlesDIPbate

Digital Campaign of the Year!

To be or not to be – that was the question. To dip or not to dip your tortilla chips – became the question to make brand news!  While tortilla chips are traditionally dipped, Pringles Tortilla Chips were now available in three bold flavours that are so good, dipping is optional.  

Strategic Objectives was challenged to develop an original, creative Social PR activation to launch Pringles Tortilla Chips that would engage and be relevant to the brand’s younger demographic. Our ideation process revealed that “to dip or not to dip” could be a fun and buzz-worthy debate, leading to our creation of The Great #PringlesDIPbate platform.  

Strategic Objectives developed a 360° creative campaign that engaged Canadians in both the real and virtual world. The Great #PringlesDIPbate leveraged the newsworthiness of the Toronto Mayoral Election and asked voters and Mayoral Candidates one “burning question”: When it comes to tortilla chips, do you DIP‘em or NOT?  

Our spokesperson Matt Phillips, rally team and videographer roared through the streets of Toronto to bring broad social awareness to NEW Pringles Tortilla Chips and The Great #PringlesDIPbate. Over a two-week period, the team visited more than 14 Toronto hot spots and public spaces to give Torontonians an opportunity to weigh in on The Great #PringlesDIPbate and us to gather video content. Our team was there to ask the all-important question and capture the opinions of Mayoral Candidates including Olivia Chow, John Tory (elected the new Mayor of Toronto), Chandler Mallard (yes – a duck!), Sketchy the Clown (yes – a clown!) and well-respected Toronto ambassador Mike “Pinball” Clemons (former CFL player with the Toronto Argonauts football team).

#PringlesDIPbate featured nine, original, YouTube videos:; achieved goals and exceeded objectives; generated more than 40 million social and traditional media impressions, and contributed to exceeding the sales forecast for the launch period.

Award-Winning Campaign

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