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Case Study: Hankook Tire

Driving Emotion for Hankook Tire with Strategic Objectives PR

Hankook Tire is renowned worldwide for its high-quality products and dedication to cutting edge innovation, futuristic design concepts, and corporate social responsibility. Our mission when Strategic Objectives team hit the road as Hankook’s new Canadian PR Agency of Record in 2017 was to make news for the brand from coast to coast.

Our research showed that Hankook primarily earns media coverage in trade publications, with a focus on product launches and motorsport news.

While this valuable coverage keeps the brand top-of-mind amongst auto aficionados and those with a strong interest in cars, we saw that the everyday consumer lacks basic tire knowledge and wants practical information they can use.

To reach these consumers, we enlisted the powerful and trusted voices of a select group of high-profile parenting bloggers to share easily digestible, useful tire information.

We worked closely with a Hankook mechanic to develop Summer Tire Tips for sharing from coast to coast. Understanding the touch points that resonate with Canadian families – particularly mothers, who have influence over purchasing decisions – we tailored our Hankook Tire Tips to focus on safety, comfort and financial benefits.

 Our blogger partners also test drove Hankook Tires and shared authentic reviews to gain traction with their readers.

Strategic Objectives is thrilled to help Hankook Tire drive emotion in Canada. We would love to help your brand make news too.

Please contact us. Let’s talk!

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